Best Rangefinder for Hunting reviews: Top Picks for Rifle & Bow Hunters

So you missed the last one or two hunting seasons, and you swear you don’t want to repeat this year.

 If you just guess your distance by using a good quality hunting rangefinder then you will not drive home with an empty truck bed.

 You think it’s an unnecessary waste? Once you incorporate rangefinder into your hunt, you’ll never think that again.

In the basic sense, rangefinders are devices to measure the distance of any object. It is used by surveyors, army, snipers, golfers, and hunters for measuring distance for different purposes. 

Optical rangefinder and laser rangefinder are the most common types of rangefinders. Rangefinders are made based on the science of the time-lapse of electromagnetic waves and translate the time lag into the distance from the object.

 It helps you to provide better information about the distance between you and the object. The ranger has been the main device in the backpack of game hunters for a long time.

 Over the years, it has undergone many changes that help not only improve accuracy, but also improve the function of the range detector. It greatly affects the way people hunt.

How to choose the right rangefinder for hunting?

Where do you start and which one is the best hunting ranger? It really depends on the kind of hunting you’re going to do and the budget you decide to spend.

 The rangefinder you choose must be very influenced by the type of activity you plan to use it. Are you a bowhunter, a rifle hunter, or both? Do you see it more useful in shooting ranges, archery ranges or in nature?

 Once you answer these questions, you can begin to significantly reduce your options, and we are here to help you.

 We have hunted the field of sports optics, we have found a range of hunting/shooting activities for the best distance search team, these are the list you see below. This is a good start because the device you will see is the most popular activity.

                   QUICK LIST: Best Rangefinder for Hunting 2019

  1. WOSPORTS 1000 Yards Hunting Rangefinder / Archery Rangefinder – Choice of the day
  2. AOFAR rangefinder for hunting HX-1200T 1200 yards – Best Customer Choice
  3. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder – Best Under $100
  4. Halo Z6X2-7 Rangefinder – Best Choice in Budget
  5. Leica CRF 1000-R 40535 7×24 Laser Rangemaster – Best Under $750
  6. LEUPOLD RX-1600I Laser Rangefinder – Best Under $350
  7. Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder – Best Under $200
  8. Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 Laser Range Finding Monocular – Best for Durability
  9. Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder – Best for Target Shooting
  10. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – Most popular for hunting
  11. Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder – Best for Rifle Hunting

Top brands of Rangefinders

 Are you loyal to a particular optical brand? Perhaps you have used a hit range in Wosports, AOFAR and Nikon Rangefinder or Bushnell binos and want to buy within the same brand for your hunting rangefinder.

Below is a list of optical companies, which have one thing in common – the quality of their products. Some can be called the “budget mark” of the Hunting World, others are the best in the world.

Regardless of the situation, they produce the first-class rangefinder for hunting, which is the best in their budget category, and these are the devices that we review below.


Here is our suggestion for 10 Best Rangefinders for Hunting.

Being a smart buyer means making the most of your budget to get the best you can afford. But what can you afford? Each hunter’s budget is different, so we focus on several price categories to offer options that fit most budgets.

  1. WOSPORTS 1000 Yards laser Rangefinder for Hunting

buy on amazonTired of a cheap rangefinder with short-range? The Wosports rangefinder is a professional level product measuring up to 1000 yards with continuous scanning mode, advanced speed technology, and a waterproof body. Ideal for hunting, rock climbing, golf, wildlife watching, watching games and much more.


  • Speed, Scan and Search Technology: Fast measurement with +/-0.3 yards of precision across the lens screen; High-quality optics, ultra-clear, multilayer, easy to read, and continuous measurement mode with distance and battery meter across the lens screen for quick and easy measurement.
  • 6x magnification: Ultra transparent multilayer optical lens, 6x magnification, making your eyes as sharp as an eagle’s eye. Make sure you can always get the correct measurements without worrying about computational errors.
  • Lightweight and portable: mobile hunting rangefinder measures only 12.7 x 8.0 x 4.3 cm and weighs 223 grams. High quality waterproof, dustproof and durable case, perfect for golfing or hunting.
  • Comes with complete quick setup kit including a case, drawstring, carry bag, free cr2 battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and quick start guide. 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support.

It is gaining popularity in the game industry. The rangefinder covers a long-range and is very fond of archery and wildlife.

 It has a golf and scan mode. The scanning mode is used for hunting. Two buttons make switching modes simple and easy to do.

 The hunting viewfinder can be mounted on board. Users can test fog and speed and make a perfect distance measurement.

 Six working modes provide an easy experience. Switch, press the mode for three seconds. The rangefinder can be carried in a pocket like a smartphone, making it easy to use.

 The wosports rangefinder is ideal for beginners and professionals. You need to know that the device can not compensate for altitude.

 There is a power button and multifunction to find range or speed. Two buttons make it easy to operate the wosports game rangefinder.

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  • Dust and water resistant with a durable body
  • Accurate with a +/-1 yard range
  • Included handy carrying case and lanyard
  • Compact and concise
  • Does not display in feet, only in yards and meters

 2. AOFAR rangefinder for hunting with arc HX-1200T

buy on amazonWosports may not be a familiar name in the optical world, but the AOFAR rangefinder is quickly putting the company on a map. This China-based sports manufacturer sells wholesale and/or international shipments directly from its website.

 Obviously, the most convenient option would be to buy from authorized online retailers offering guarantees for public procurement.

The AOFAR rangefinder is one of the three models offered by the company, one of the longest distances of 1000 yards. 6-fold increase, it is a high-power unit that accurately gives or takes 1 yard.

 It has a variety of modes of operation, making it a fully equipped or green hunting unit. The range, scan, fog and speed modes are effective and easy to use. On the playing field, you can take advantage of these modes in addition to the additional blocking mode of the flagpole.

 When it comes to great camouflage compact rangefinder perfect hunting at an affordable price, the device is certainly one of the best options. This option is highly accurate by aofar, capable of measuring up to 1000 yards of continuous scanning mode.


Thanks to its built-in pin technology, you can easily identify your prey over long distances. The product will not disappoint.

 Easy to use

If you are looking for an easy-to-use device, this is your choice. Easy to use, just aim, adjust the pin and press the button to determine the prize distance.

 Cost and value

Easy to use and affordable, this is a great choice for beginners and advanced. You will not be disappointed with the lens and clarity, or the price.


  • Premium Hunting Rangefinder uses the latest technology, arc mode, and range, dustproof, anti-fog, waterproof, suitable for all hunting enthusiasts.
  • High precision: improved needle sensor technology. The data show centimeters, the accuracy of 5~300y is +/-0.5 yards, +/-1 yards greater than 300 yards, can be measured up to 1000 yards.
  • Transparency: 6 x magnification, easy to read lens; only 121 x 72 x 43 mm, weighs only 180 grams.
  • Full range of search engines: (directly from the manufacturer, no middleware margin) Includes carry bag, free cr2 battery, premium carry a rope, buckle, microfiber cleaning cloth, and quick start guide.
  • Safe shopping experience: 2 years after-sales warranty, permanent customer support. It is important to share your shopping experience and engineers develop their favorite products.

 The functionality of the AOFAR rangefinder movement certainly places it in a budget category that is much higher than its actual price range. With this, the optics certainly have a valuable purchase, the masses appreciate the function 2 1 on a ranch suitable for hunting and golf.

However, customer service quickly tracks and offers refunds or replacements to correct the problem. It is worth noting that because now high-quality customer service is difficult to find!

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  • Flagpole Lock mode
  • Speed mode
  • 1200 yards distance range
  • Scan, fog & speed mode available
  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • No scope mode

 3. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder

buy on amazonMaximum Range: 10-500 Yards
Viewfinder Display: Yards
Increment Reading: 1 Yards
Magnification: 6x
Objective Lens: N/A
Mass Weight: 11 oz.
Waterproof: Yes

The Bushnell Rangefinder is lightweight and small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, the Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x21mm hunting rangefinder contains accurate monster doses and is as easy to use as the best hunting rangefinders can.

For long-term reliability, the Bone Collector Edition laser rangefinder has a rugged, rainproof housing. Realtree xtra camouflage patterns blend into a variety of habitats throughout the year. Bright, crystal-clear optics keep you at the speed of the game, even in low light conditions.

 With 4x magnification and 21mm target lens, it can reach 600 yards. Bushnell rangefinder is compact size and convenient vertical configuration make it a favorite hunter of bow and weapons.


  • High quality optics with incredible high definition; 100% quality materials are widely used and tested
  • Beautifully designed and durable; simple one-button operation, compact and lightweight housing
  • Displays the exact distance between 10 and 600 yards with +/- one yard of precision
  • Bright, crystal clear optics for aiming in low light conditions; magnification x lens: 4 x 21 mm.
  • Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern; durable, rainproof housing
  • Class 1 laser with an average power of less than 1 mW

 Although we do not fully know why they are called Bushnell, it may be after a love story, a famous colonial inventor, or a submarine, we love it because it can be done with brushes, scrubbing, anud bshes. By lasing cutting bush behind grazing deer exactly how Bushnell rangefinder is able to do.

By considering some bushnell rangefinder reviews, it is found that Bushnell rangefinder become a customer choice brand now-a-days. Moreover, customer like to search for it such as bushnell trs 25, bushnell flashlight, bushnell trail camera, bushnell golf rangefinder and bushnell pro x2 etc.​

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Bushnell Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder on (#ad)



  • Easy to use
  • Case included
  • Provides quick and easy readings
  • Multilayer-coated optics provide bright and clear images
  • Not recommended for wide range hunting
  • Requires a CR2 battery

4. Halo Z6X2-7 Bow Hunting Rangefinder

buy on amazon Put the money in your wallet, put it in your truck. That’s the name of the game when it comes to Halo.

 Halo Optics has provided the perfect, easy to use and accurate rangefinder for shooters, hunters, and archers. Its price is also much lower than the price indicated for competing products, but this does not mean that it is a cheap unit. Check it out!

  • Up to 600 yards for reflective lenses, with magnification 6 times. The scan mode allows a constant range. Accurate +/-1
  • Ai (Angle Compensation) technology occupies the slope of the target
  • Adjustable eye area for focus
  • Ergonomic design easy to hold
  • Frustrated packaging and waterproofing
  • Class IIIa lasers; 5mW or less

Looking for the best rangefinders? You don’t need bionic vision to measure distance, you just need a Halo which is the best the rangefinder in budget.

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  • AI Technology
  • Auto shut off
  • Scan mode
  • Easy to use
  • Large aiming box
  • Requires CR2 battery

5. Leica CRF 1000-R 7×24 Laser Rangemaster

buy on amazonLeica is a world-class brand for global hunters who aspire to pass unprecedented distance measurements and clear, raw image quality.

 You can guarantee that you won’t have to buy a Pigeons again when you spend your hard-earned cash on a Leica rangefinder. They are durable, equipped with the latest advanced technology and, of course, far away.

Do you still need a Leica? Zilch! Put on your big boy hunting gear and use exceptional hunting optics: get a Leica! Do you understand?

  • Ideal for archery and hunting entry models
  • Measure linear and horizontal distances
  • 7×24 mm optics with integrated photometric compensation
  • Precise positioning and flexible application
  • Innovative and transparent LED automatic brightness control

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  • Fully weatherproof
  • Range is measured fast even if the target is moving
  • Angle Compensation
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • High price


buy on amazonFor more than a century, Leupold has done it, and they do their best. But what is “it”? Leupold is one of the most popular brands in the United States. Family-owned German roots have a lot to do with their success because we all know that German glass is very restored. Better yet, By Leupold means brave Germany.

Maximum Range: 6-1215 Yards

Viewfinder Display: Yards/Meters

Increment Reading: .1 Yards

Magnification: 6x

Objective Lens: 22 mm

Mass Weight: 7.8 oz.

Waterproof: Yes

The RX-1600i tbr DNA White Blood Cell Rangefinder uses high performance “enhanced digital accuracy”, specially designed for rifle hunters and bow hunters to provide true ballistic range readings.

Third-generation signal processing capabilities significantly increase the reliability of distance measurement on soft, non-reflective lenses, such as wildlife, and provide excellent range consistency regardless of target color.

 In addition, the quick setup menu of Leupold rangefinder uses on-screen prompts, making the rangefinder very intuitive and easy to use in the field, with optional settings and multiple display intensity settings for easy access to targets, whether yards or meters.

It has a multi-layered optics and a folding rubber band to accommodate wearers with or without glasses.

 When it comes to a daring white hunting rangefinder, you will not find a better value. If you want to boldly engage in a very successful family business in a threatening hunting scene, LEUPOLD rangefinder is the best choice for you.

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  • OLED display
  • Provides high level of accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers convenient grip
  • Does not lock on the small target object
  • Very expensive

7. Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Rangefinder

buy on amazonWe are not talking about cameras, but other things Nikon does very well: Rangefinder for bowhunting. As clear as its famous camera lens, so are its laser devices.

 Your entire production line is compact and discreet packaging on your next hunt. Their price is more than fair and they are as competitive in the game as any other well-known brand in the world.

  • Nikon’s advanced ID technology (Tilt/Drop) provides horizontal distance to the lens, even at a variety of tilt or drop shooting angles
  • Amazing length, 20.3mm eye relief, makes your lenses quick and easy to see and reach targets.
  • 1-yard increments display with 6-550 yard range capacity
  • Class 1 laser products with an output power not exceeding 0,0975 mW

8. Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 Laser Range Finding Monocular

buy on amazonHunters and shooters will know who Sig Sauer is, especially if you have a p320 in your weapons safe and have been there for a long time before your reputation. However, it was not until 2015 that they entered the optical market. What do you think of “one of the world’s best-known small arms manufacturers” competing against brands that have ruled the industry for decades? We say they give them a race of their money.

 In fact, when these top-end search engine features, extreme distances and low prices, they can easily overcome the best content available.

 You never underestimate the brand that knows its weapons and optics, add “them.” To get the most accurate distance, you need the highest performance optics in your arsenal.


  • DSP technology for the fastest, longest range engine
  • The super scan provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode, while the latest range results are reported when the ranch is locked away from the target
  • High transmittance LCD display for excellent low-light operation
  • Simplified user interface for range and mode buttons only
  • Stylish design for one-handed operation and cord connection points.

9. Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder for hunting

buy on amazonYou do not need all the additional messages, making additional messages using a rangefinder similar to a computer electronic device. Just aim, shoot and kaboom — you’ve got your distance. That’s what you can expect. A Simmons under your belt.


Maximum Range: 10-600 Yards

Viewfinder Display: Yards/Meters

Increment Reading: .1 Yards

Magnification: 4x

Objective Lens: 20mm

Mass Weight: 6.4 oz.

Waterproof: Yes

The Simmons brand stands for almost all the optical qualities they produce.

 They produce some of the best rifle ranges on the market, falling within a reasonable price range, and do not have a shortage of 4x20LRF 600 in one of the best multi-purpose rangefinders.

 Simmons has an LCD screen that allows you to judge your target in 10 yards up to 600 yards. Like many of their rifle sights, they use some of the most advanced technologies on the market to produce optical lenses.

A better feature of the 4C20LRF 600 is that it is completely weatherproof, making it an excellent outfit for any long-term hunting adventure.

Although Simmons doesn’t have some of the most technically advanced features, other range finders make this the perfect combination of quality and budget for a variety of different uses.

 Even better, the brand is known for its incredibly low price. Why should you pay more? They agree! Take out your dollar bill, ’cause that’s what you’re gonna need.

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10. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

buy on amazon TecTecTec can be new to you because it was originally a brand dedicated to optical golf. However, despite its roots, the company established in 2014 has left the forest to support the hunting community with a good hunting version with some best hunting rangefinders.

If you want the cheapest rangefinder with the best prices, it can be on your must-have list. With its “direct to the consumer” philosophy, focus and marketing of sales distribution, it is no wonder that this brand has earned its bestseller status for two consecutive years by leading online vendors.

TecTecTec away from the pressure of your range locator shopping, and TecTecTec your way to a budget range gear with high performance potential for your hunt, maybe your hit took!

         Maximum Range: 550yds

         Increment Reading: 1yd

         Magnification: 4x

         Objective Lens: 18mm

          Weight: 6.5oz

          Other Features: Speed Measurement, Scan Mode

TecTecTec is a company known for its golf rangefinder, but its entry into the world of hunting has proven to be a solid force for a rangefinder. If you consider the goals of both sports, the idea remains to turn your projectiles into targets. It may be a stupid name, but it’s a unit of mass.

The ProWild has one feature that is distinct from any other rangefinder in this writing. It’s got speed detection. This is a marginal use for hunters, but it is an interesting addition. It also has a scan mode, so you can easily get the range of many possible fields before the deer even enters your area.

 In terms of standard functions, this is a beautiful operation of the mill unit. It has a range of 600 meters, increments of 1 meter and weighs about 6 ounces. The quality of the glass is high, the laser is punctual.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder on (#ad)

11. Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder

buy on amazonYou can use glass binoculars, find yourself believing in quality, price, and warranty.

 Before you know it, you’ve finished your hunting gear from one or two brands of optics! When you buy a whirlpool, you have to get everything from them!

 Eddy Current’s top range is a first-class optics with its simple and intuitive design, iconic robustness and high performance engines that will never let you down. Your warranty policy can not be defeated, the quality of the price ratio is always balanced in your favor. The tamer reveals that “never buy a swirl — always buy two!”


  • The Impact Rangefinder features an unlit display and a highly intuitive menu in a compact, lightweight package. Increased magnification brings the target for closer observation and more accurate distance measurement in Vortex rangefinder.
  • The primary HCD mode shows an angle compensation distance that is ideal for most hunters and shooters. An advanced LOS mode provides options for calculating long distances, high-angle shots with greater precision.
  • Scan function provides continuous range readings to move or track moving targets horizontally. All modes can be set to read in codes or meters.
  • Impact runs on a normal CR2 battery and the battery life indicator is always displayed on the screen.
  • Fully multilayer optics improve light transmission in low-light environments. Waterproof and shockproof properties of Vortex rangefinder allow you to hunt regardless of conditions.

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Hunting Rangefinder

With proper research and market research, you will be able to find out which hunting rangefinder is best for you. But if you don’t take enough time to find the right one, then you end up with a high probability of an unideal rangefinder. So before you buy a new hunting rangefinder, be sure to take a look at the following points.


 Although many buyers may not be willing to admit that they have a budget, it is a gift. Although it can not be said out loud, the budget sets limits on what can be bought, sadly, what can not be bought.

 Additional features often have a lot to do with price jumps. You can filter which features are needed and which are luxurious. It can have a high-quality glass. Perhaps you prefer to give up ballistic information and choose robustly and instead of waterproofing.

If you really do not have budgetary restrictions, we are absolutely jealous. You can explore the field of binoculars of the pop-up range, as well as the glory that all the additional benefits offer. However, for those who have a budget, keeping the core of the shopping list readable and functional is a must. Accuracy, less about how many additional features you can boast, although we must admit that it will be quite cool to boast. We’re guilty too!


Angle Compensation

 This is a feature that will really give you accurate measurements when you are in unpredictable or steep terrain. Have you tried blindly lase only your pig from a 20-yard tree? It was an epic failure, let’s hope no one else witnessed it.

 Angle compensation is greatly underestimated. If you want to avoid damaging the targets when killing them is the goal, it is an absolute necessity, it can also mean a complete failure.

 True horizontal distance allows you to know the correct distance to aim, gravity will have an effect on your shot. For detailed information on this important feature, see our Angular and Beginner Compensation Guide to decide if you need it or if you can do without it.


LCD VS LED Displays

You may not think about this feature, but we can guarantee that it will come to sunset and you can not see anything. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing deer 250 meters away, but you can not read the distance of his life, reading the laser. So, which one’s better?

 However, if you hunt early in the morning or evening, the LCD screen will cool next to the red LED screen. For more information on how monitors and light affect your hunting optics, see this article to make sure you don’t blindly.

 Before deciding on the device, find out what your most common hunting time is. Some of the best optics are backlit LCD displays, such as the Nikon Realtree 1200 rangefinder.


Rangefinder Binoculars

 If you are looking for a separate distance detector and binoculars, you may want to consider combining two optics into one. No, we do not recommend using duck tape in any of these scenarios, but we recommend a binocular rangefinder.

 Although the price of premium fiber is usually high, you get two units. You can save a little time by using a fiber to meet both aiming needs. However, it is not easy to combine this technique.



Although longer seems better, this is not always the case for every hunter. Who needs a mile to measure a distance when you only hunt up to 400 yards? On the contrary, having a longer distance saves time on hiking. If you know how far your target is, you’ll know how far you must go before they find you.

 Most measuring devices go about 500 meters. The longer the distance, the more important you will have quality glass to keep up with the image. This is also the place for the increase.

Higher magnification devices can be difficult to stay stable to actually see what you’re looking at.

 If you are further away, make sure you have more amplification power. This is extreme for hunters and archers who do not need these distances.



This makes it easy to slip and fall. The rangefinder should be able to take some impact without damage. Hunting with you. These will certainly save the core of the rangefinder if it slides down and falls.


 A good rangefinder will have a function such as good LCD display, powerful optics, wide range, angle compensation capability, waterproofing, and robust construction. These features make your hunting skills easier. Therefore, you need to select the rangefinder according to the function you want.

Ease of use

On the other hand, having many features can also lead to complications. A single button of the range detector will always be a better option, as it allows you to perform measurements quickly, without any complexity. So always looking for a rangefinder you can comfortably. Never go too many features at the expense of ease of use.


Your need and budget

This is the most important part when buying a range detector. You must find out what you expect from the rangefinder. The characteristics, ranges, different patterns and everything you expect from the rangefinder should be noted to facilitate the process.

 Secondly, you need to set a budget before you start looking in the rangefinder. If you are able to set the budget, you will be able to remove any rangefinder below and above that price range.


These are our main options. These provide excellent features, have great architecture and design, and most importantly provide value for the money.


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