Best Bow And Arrow Toy Set For Kids in 2021

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Firstly, archery helps children become more active, outdoors. Recent reports show that children are becoming more prone to obesity, due to lack of exercise and outdoor activities. Getting them outside not only helps them to move more, physically, it also helps the body in absorbing more Vitamin D, available in sunlight. Vitamin D is necessary for our body to develop healthier bone strength.

Archery is a sports form that many may only consider learning or developing when they reach teenage or adulthood. It is best to begin exposing your children from as young an age as eight years old, for them to begin developing their skills as they progress. If you are still deciding whether to give your children this exposure, you may want to take some time to read through the benefits of letting your young child into the world of archery.

This article will also expose you to more appropriate archery sets for beginners, featuring arrows fitted with suction cups.

10 Best Bow and arrow toy set for kids 2021

Best suction cup archery set for kid

Bow and Arrow Set – Archery Toy Set for Kids

Bow and Arrow Set – Archery Toy Set for Kids

Bow and Arrow Set – Archery Toy Set for Kids, where the tip of the arrow is replaced with a suction cup. The bow also resembles an adult-sized bow, with the addition of a quiver with a strap for your children to hold their arrows. This package comes with a bullseye, for practice, so that children can learn to shoot with precision and accuracy. It also comes with a pretend LED laser site light, to make the game experience more fun for the kids.


  • It looks quite neat, along with its bow and quiver, resembles a real archery quite closely.


  • LED lights tend to spoil easily
  • It is made from fragile materials, so too much force may snap the bow.


Bow and Arrow Set – Archery Toy Set for Kids set is very interestingly designed, built to match the look and feel of an authentic adult bow set. This encourages children to approach archery with adults, with the feel they are using similar equipment.

Liberty Imports Sport – Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set for Kids 

Liberty Imports Sport - Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set for Kids

The Liberty Archery Bow and arrows is another high-quality archery set for kids.  The bow measures in at 32 inches, and comes together with 3 arrows, measured at 23 Inches each. The tips of the arrows are replaced with suction cups, to prevent sharp pointers injuring kids. This package also comes with a 15 inch diameter target, for your children to shoot at and improve their skills.


  • This bow shoots arrows consistently and with great precision.


  • It is made from fragile materials, so too much force might snap the bow.


This archery set is safe to be used for kids aged three years old and older. It is made from perfectly safe materials, and is sold at a reasonable price. This is a great way to expose your children to archery from a young age.


Little children are, typically, not very fussy in choosing which toys to play with. As long as they are fun to use, kids will have great time playing with most models. So, whichever suction cup archery set you purchase, they will almost always be a hit with your kid.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the toy should be made from materials that are free from hazardous chemicals, and that there are no small parts that potentially be choking hazards to little toddlers, should they be swallowed.

Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

 Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow for kids

The Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is specially designed for younger children, and is made to be safe to play with. It is specially designed for children eight years old and older. The arrow is made with a suction cup so there are no sharp objects that can injure kids while they are playing. Although it is not entirely a real bow, it has the ability to shoot arrows over 125 feet, so children get to feel like they are using a real bow and arrow. The package includes a bow, two long range arrows, one Zartz arrow, and zip clip function to hold the arrows.


  • Very safe, as it doesn’t have sharp facets, and the arrows are made with suction cup tips.


  • The strings are very delicate so we shouldn’t pull too hard on it, otherwise they might snap.


This is a great crossbow, regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult, because it is easy to use and not dangerous at all. Kids will have a lot of fun running around shooting and the arrow back from the ground. It will also help to train and improve their accuracy and concentration, as they practice aiming an authentic bow and arrow set.

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

Barnett Banshee Junior Archery Set

Barnett is a well-known bow manufacturer, and you can rest assured that the bows they produce are of the highest quality. These are products that will spark the interest of beginners, to develop their interest. This model is specially made for youths, a compound bow with an 18 pound draw weight.

The bow is 18 to 22 inches long, which is suitable the frame size of most children. It has an ambidextrous, reinforced handle, so both left-handed and right-handed users will be able to use it comfortably.

The design is specially crafted, using Realtree Camouflage® with a black or pink color finishing.  This package consists of two arrows, a finger tab, adjustable pin sight, and packaging that can be further used as a carrying case.


  • It can be used by children with different dominant hands and different draw weights.
  • It comes with a five-year limited manufacturer warranty for any defects on materials, and also on workmanship.


  • It has sharp edges on the arrow, so safety precautions need to be followed in order ensure your kid or someone else does not get injured while using it.


This bow is suitable for preteens who are starting to learn to use bows and arrows. It’s a great way to expose them to this particular sport, paving the way for them to someday develop further interest in this arena. Barnett bows are good to be used as a starter device, because of their reputation as a bow maker.

This bow has many similar elements to most adult bows. Therefore, it is certainly easier for children to transit to adult bows, after they grow up using a Barnett’s bow.


The two bows listed above are great for different age group. It really all depends on your need and also the age of the children you will be exposing to archery. If they are younger and still not mature enough to take effectively safety precautions, invest in a Zing Air Hunterz model, to get the feel for archery in complete safety.

Once they have grown older and are more conscious of their own safety, you can safely encourage them to use Barnett’s Outdoors Lil’ Banshee Jr. Compound Bow, and expose them to the world of real archery.

It’s also a very versatile sport, as you’ll be able to play outdoors as well as indoors. Weather changes don’t have to interrupt your training schedule, and you and your kids will be able to play comfortably, all year long.

This sport also encourages you to move around more often, from the shooting point and out to the target, firing and retrieving the arrows you use. In one, short activity, your kids will be doing lots of walking. Besides that, archery also helps to develop better body coordination and balance. This is because, in archery, you are required to have good hand eye coordination and muscle strength, in order to shoot arrows with power and precision.

This also helps to develop concentration and focus on their work, in other fields. They will learn to quiet their thoughts and focus on the bullseye. Similarly, in real life, they will also be able to focus on the goals which they set in their life. striving more actively to achieve them.

Children’s archery is also beneficial in developing self-discipline, as training is needed to be carried out consistently, in order to maintain optimum performance. As such, your child will be more disciplined, actively juggling their time between training and schooling.

Archery also helps to boost self-confidence, because of the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction they feel when they manage to improve their performance. They also learn to not give up easily when they encounter failure, and to continue improving themselves.

It is never too early to invest in your kids’ exposure to archery so, to start off, you may consider getting your small child an archery set fitted with a suction cup on the arrow. It may seem like a toy, but you may be surprised as to how this can develop children just starting off, in this sport.

Suction cup archery is more suited to children who are beginners, as it is safer, without any sharp edges. You’ll be able to let your children play with it, with complete peace of mind.

In choosing the right suction cup archery set, the priority should always be to ensure the set is safe to be used by children. This means there should be no sharp edges or pointy parts anywhere on it.

Also, it’s important to make sure the suction cup is strongly attached to the arrow, in order to make sure it won’t fall apart and accidentally be picked up by toddlers, posing a possible choking hazard. Adults may also need to teach their children the responsibility not to shoot aimlessly, as they may accidentally break something, as well as not pointing at any people’s eyes.

Please always ensure there is adult supervision when a child first starts archery until they have learned and begun to obey all the dos and don’ts.

More and more often, modern kids are no longer interested in outdoor activities. They prefer to stay inside, playing games or surfing the internet all day long. This not only causes them to be less healthy, due to less exposure to sunlight and fresh air, but also means they are also less likely to engage in social activities.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that more than 12 million children, from age two to 19, suffer from obesity. This is more than just a little alarming. This disease used to only occur within older people, but has become more prevalent within the younger ones. One of the main reasons this type of phenomenon occurs is because more kids are spending most of their time sitting on the couch and staring at screens all day long, without any physical activity.

Kids may be too immature to think of the effects of something like this on their own, so it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids are moving away from unhealthy activities and do something that is more beneficial. One of the things you can do to encourage kids to be more active is to introduce them to activities they can do together with adults. This not only promotes healthy physical exercise, it also encourages bonding through teamwork and communication.

Archery and hunting are some of the best activities to encourage family bonding. So firstly you should find the best bow and arrow for your kids, to encourage them to be more involved in outdoor activities.

To choose a suitable bow for kids, you first need to make sure that you choose a device which they find user-friendly and attractive. If the set is too difficult for them to handle, they may lose interest immediately. So try to choose a bow specifically designed for kids.

One of the first practical considerations to take into account in choosing the right bow is your child’s age. It’s more economical to buy something that they can use for a longer time, but there should be a limit to this. Small children may not be able to use a youth bow, so, in this case, you could start off by getting a smaller bow that suits their size, then upgrade to something bigger, once they have grown.

Secondly, consider the weight of the bow. Younger children under the age of five should not shoot a bow that is heavier than 3 lbs. These may result in injury to more petite hands and muscles, if they force themselves to hold a heavy bow and draw using too much strength to shoot an arrow.

However, we also don’t want something that is too light or too easy to be used, otherwise their muscles won’t develop without any significant resistance. With all of this in mind, please seek advice from a retailer as to the right bow weight suitable for your child. In this article, we will introduce to you to two bows that may be suitable for your child.

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