How To Open A Sentry Safe With A Key

Everyone has something of value to them. This could be something they either cannot do without or cannot imagine losing. To protect these valuables, people (even during the old days) make use of a safe. There are various mechanisms of a safe and the type determines how they can be opened. This brand of safes has been around the markets of Rochester, New York for over 80 years. Designed for business documents, ammunition (gun) and home storage, it is great protection for your valuables from water, fire and other liquids. Sentry Safe offers a range of safes suitable for your preference for securing your valuables. You can choose from their choices of 120 safes to pick the one that has the security features and protection tools you prefer.

How Safe Is A Sentry Safe?

Contrary to what some believe, the Sentry Safe is not designed to keep armed robbers and thieves at bay. It is a safe made with materials of strength that can protect your valuables (money, documents, guns, jewelry and such) from water, fire and other liquids. It has a lock form of protection that secures all these in it and prevents those who do not possess the key code from accessing these valuables. Safe enough, right? While a Sentry Safe can be unlocked with a key or a combination code, this article discusses how to open a Sentry Safe with a key—practically.

How To Open A Sentry Safe With A Key

Unlocking a Sentry Safe is rather easy to do and can be done in moments. For those valuables that you need to reach as quickly as possible, you can be assured that opening your Sentry Safe with a key will be fast.

Steps To Open A Sentry Safe With A Key

  1. Place the safe on a sturdily on a strong surface. Exercise caution when handling the Sentry Safe as it can be heavy. Ensure the safe is directly facing you so you can reach it properly when trying to unlock it.
  2. Locate the silver lock which is found below the lid and at the center of the Sentry Safe. If you have done that.
  3. Insert the key designed to open the Sentry Safe into the lock. Once that is successfully done
  4. Start to turn the key in the left direction and keep doing so until the nozzle is unfastened. This nozzle is what secures the lock.
  5. Once the lock has come undone, pull the key out. Then, push the lid down and pull the latch to open the safe.
For most of them, Sentry Safe usually has safes with a dual lock key and combination. This means that you cannot open the safe unless you have the right key and combination to do so. The key unlocks the combination, which thereafter allows you to input the code and pull the latch open once the combination is confirmed correct. This offers double protection on your valuables that are in the Sentry Safe. The best alternative if your valuables are dear to you and you want to ensure complete security of your valuables.

Here are the steps on how to open a Sentry Safe with a key and combination (Dual Lock)

  1. Ensure the safe is placed on a sturdy surface so it does not fall off. Keep them safe in a position facing you.
  2. Locate the keyhole in the Sentry Safe and insert the appropriate key in. The keyhole is usually found below the lid.
  3. Start turning the key in the left direction until the nozzle that secures the lock comes undone.
  4. Take the key out.
  5. To start the combination, dial zero. This resets the combination pattern so you can input the correct combination.
  6. Turn the combination knob counterclockwise, dialing pass zero three times. At every dial, you should stop and pause before dialing pass zero again. You have to pass the zero dial three times.
  7. Once the Sentry Safe shows a green light, your safe is unlocked. Turn the handle and open the safe. Now, you can access your valuables.
Some Sentry Safe does not feature the dial lock for its combination. All you need to do to open your dual lock Sentry Safe is to open the combination with your key and then input the right combination (this is given to you on the back of the manufacturer’s guide). Do ensure to carefully read all the content of the manufacturers guide. Doing that will help guide you on how to use and best enjoy your safe.

Conclusion of How To Open A Sentry Safe With A Key

It is no longer news to any one In our world today that one needs to ensure valuables are well-secured. This article has practically explained in details how to open a Sentry Safe with a key. It should be a walk in the park if you have read up this point. Now go and unlock your Sentry safe like a professional.  

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