How to Open Sentry Safe without a Key

If you are here, you probably lost the key to your safety. Well, don’t stress out because we know just the right ways to open your safe without a key. The sentry brand is known to produce the safes with the most incredible security features. Some individual prefers to ask for a replacement key, but it might take a while. In case you want to access something from the safe urgently, you might need some other fast, secure opening techniques. We will show you three quick methods for unlocking your sentry safe.

Using a nail cutter to open sentry safe

I know most of you might be wondering, how can I open a sentry safe with a nail cutter? I mean, is that even possible. Don’t have doubts about it; a nail cutter is a miracle worker in opening sentry safe. The only thing you need to do is follow our guideline step after the other one. After that, your safe will be fully unlocked. Your safe may be using a combination of keywords, and you forgot the keyword. You will need to know how to unlock a safe without a key. When using a nail cutter, you need to use the nail file part of the cutter. Let’s get to the actual procedure of opening your sentry safe using a nail cutter.
  • Grab a nail cutter and remove the nail file part from the entire cutter
  • Make sure that the file has no curves. Straighten it if necessary.
  • At the sentry, safe’s head is where you are supposed to attach the nail file’s head
  • At this point, you need to hold the nail file and jiggle it for sometime
  • During the jiggling process, you will realize that the file gets fitted in the lock. Once this happens, rotate the nail file in an opening manner.
  • Continue rotating the file. At this point, you should aim at hearing a click sound. The sound is an indication that your safe is open. You can now access whatever you need from the safe.

Using paper clips to unlock sentry safe

In case you are looking for the most straightforward way of opening your safe, you should go for this technique. I mean, is the first technique fails (in which the probability of failing is very low) try out opening the sentry safe using paper clips. For this technique, you require a single needle nose pliers and a couple of paper clips. With those in hand, you are ready to begin the unlocking process.
  • Grab a paper clip and bend it at a right angle. You need to do this with your finger, which is a super easy task. Make sure you bend the angle accurately.
  • A paper clip has a big and small leg. At this point, you need to focus on the bigger leg. You should bend it at a right angle also. Using a finger might be a bit hard here. Therefore, you can use needle-nose pliers for this step.
  • You need to bend the shorter leg in such a way that the look of the clip at this point will be like a jerk.
  • Now you are done with the first clip. Head into the last paper clip. For the second one, you are supposed to bend it at an angle of 180 degrees
  • Use the needle-nose pliers to bend its tip at an angle of 45 degrees
  • At this step, focus at the first clip and the foot part of the sentry safe’s lock. You are going to fit the clip at the foot of the safe’s lock.
  • Grab the second clip for this step. Locate the upper part of the safe’s lock and fit in the second clip at that exact point.
  • While holding both of the pins, press in pins inside the lock. Do this continually and focus on hearing a click sound. By now you know what it means when you hear a click sound.
  • For this technique, repeat the procedure for some times to make sure the safe is open
  • When pressing the clips turn them in a clockwise way. The clockwise way is ideal for opening most safes.

Using a drill to open sentry safe

Sentry safes are built with the highest level of security features and fire resistance. However, very few models can resist the power of a drill machine. Using a drill machine should be the last option if all the other techniques fail. We must tell you that using a drill will not be an easy task. Therefore, get ready for that. Using the drill means that you will have to break into the safe. In case you have no experience in drilling, it might be even extra hard for you to break the sentry safe’s lock. This is where experts come in. You can find a skilled drill expert or craftsman to do it for you. This gives you additional reasons why it is not the best technique of opening sentry safe without a key. However, it works perfectly if you have tried all the other option and there are no results yet. In case you have a sentry safe, you must know that most models don’t have copper strips. This means that they might not be strong enough. That implies that they cannot also resist the most powerful cutting tools like a cutting torch. Therefore, you can use such tools to cut through and open your sentry safe easily. Make sure you take in all safety precautions when using a drill or any cutting tools to unlock your sentry safe.


It seems impossible but it is very possible. Never keep stressing about how to unlock a safe without a keyword. There is always a way around it. All you need is the right equipment and information and you are good to go. Safes have very important individual’s assets and if you lose the key or forget the keywords, it might be a complete dilemma. That’s why we are always here for you. To give you all the information you need. We hope the information on how to open sentry safe without a key was helpful. We hope that you succeed in opening your sentry safe.  

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