Best Archery Target Stand Reviews 2022

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You can ask any archer, and they will tell you that holding a bow and arrow is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. An experienced archer will also tell you that a quality target and sturdy best archery target stand are essential to your archery experience. Investing in a target stand for archery is an essential piece of equipment that will help you become more proficient.

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What to know before you buy an archery target stand


Assuming you already own an archery bow, the next thing you will need is a target and stand. What type of target you prefer will determine the best stand for your archery target. Since bag targets are durable and work well for long-range practice, they are great for shooting practice. The foam layer targets are less durable, but they are easier to remove an arrow from. You can often prop these up or hang them with a stand for accurate target practice. Also available are 3D practice targets that look like animals, adding realism to your training.   

Archery isn’t very enjoyable if your arrows aren’t retrievable and secure. The best archery target stand should support your target so that the arrows can penetrate easily without damaging the arrow itself. When the arrow makes contact with the target, the target stand may tip over, which may cause the shaft to snap.

You can improve your archery practice with a target stand because it keeps the target still and secure for hours. You may be able to store your bow and arrows on your archery target stand when not in use. Target stands like this help you keep all your equipment organized and maintained.

Features Of Best Archery Target Stand


The best archery target stand should hold your target securely on even or uneven ground so that you can practice your aim regardless of the surface. Its lifespan can be extended if it has a weatherproof cover or sealant since it will better withstand rain, wind, and sunlight.



Choosing the best archery target stand depends on the size of your target. It is ideal for beginners and long-distance practice to use a larger stand. Additionally, they can hold up a heavy target, making them easier to hit. However, if your stand is oversized for your target, it may not hold it properly. You develop your skills; you can work on smaller targets and stand. 



You should use the best archery target stand for depending on its use. If you’re using hanging bag targets, you’ll need a different stand than using foam targets. You may end up warping your stand if you use the wrong type of stand for a target.



Several best archery target stands are made of metal, while others are colorful. Since they make it easier to see the target, colorful stands are recommended for most beginners. Choose stands that blend in with the environment if you want a more challenging practice.


What’s the best archery target stand to buy?

  1. TOPARCHERY Archery Target Stand for Bag Targets

Toparchery Archery target stand can hold a sturdy, heavy-duty target for regular practice. The aluminum steel stand folds easily and is lightweight, making it easy to set up and store. These stands will provide extensive, durable performance wherever you place them. It is ideal for outdoor use and can be used by both children and adults. According to some users, the product did not come with any assembly instructions. 

best archery target stand

2. Highwild Archery Target Stand for Bag Targets Block Cube Foam

The adjustable target stand is perfect for hanging targets. You can hang different sized targets from the four hanging points for an afternoon of archery practice. Stabilizers provide additional support for your targets, keeping them from falling over. The ample leg keeps them stable on rough, uneven terrain. Many users note that this stand is relatively lightweight due to its metal construction

best archery target stand

3. HME Hunting Made Easy 30-inch Bag Products Bowhunting Archery Target Stand

A target stand is perfect for those who want something streamlined and straightforward with no fuss. Hang your target ,.on the metal frame and take the steps away from your desire. This stand has four sturdy legs that keep it stable, and the durable hooks hold your target in place. Some users complain that the stand is a bit flimsy.  

best archery target stand

Archery Target Stand FAQ 


How far away should an archer stand from the target?

In practice, the distance between an archer and target depends on their skill level and purpose. As a beginner, stand as close as you need to hit the target. Your skills will allow you to stand further from the target. Recurve bow events require archers to stand over 70 meters away from their target.


What’s the ideal height for an archery target?

Depending on your goals and skill level. The center of a foam-padded hanging target should be placed around 48 inches above the ground. A good height to practice with would be around this height. 

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