SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife Review 2022

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The SOG Seal Pup Elite knife is a mid-sized tactical knife from SOG, one of the most respected manufacturers on the market. This blade is excellent for everyday carry, as well as specialized uses like cutting cordage and even combat. If you’re looking for the best SOG knife for a wide range of different uses, then the Seal Pup is the perfect choice.

This knife is the best choice for tactical and survival use in a wide range of conditions. It does a little bit of everything and does it very well. That sort of flexibility makes investing in a premium quality knife like this an easy choice to make. Whether you want a razor sharp utility edge to bring with you to work, or a durable survival knife to take out on the trail, the Seal Pup Elite by SOG fits the bill nicely.


SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife


* 9.5″ total length, with a 4.75″ fixed blade
* Made from high-quality AUS-8 hardened stainless steel
* Blade is powder coated for protection and to defeat glare
* Unmatched balance, thanks to the 3/4 length tang and ultralight handle
* Partially serrated clip-point blade makes this an excellent knife for thrusting
* Ultra-tough glass reinforced nylon handle is waterproof and weatherproof
* Includes a Kydex and nylon MOLLE-compatible sheath with Velcro closure
* Can be carried on the right or left side for maximum flexibility and convenience
* Heat treated blade provides excellent edge retention with no risk of chipping
* Includes a paracord lanyard, with a lanyard hole in the base of the handle
* Comes with a lifetime warranty from SOG


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The Blade

The core of this knife is its AUS-8 stainless steel blade, hardened to Rockwell 58, which features a combination standard and serrated edge. It’s hollow ground in order to be razor sharp and easy to maintain. The blade makes this the best SOG knife for a range of applications, including combat, survival, and utility work.

The spine of the 4.75” blade has a thumb recess for added control, as well as extensive jimping, the rough raspy serrations on the back of the blade that provide traction for your fingers. The blade extends back into the handle in a 3/4 tang, which makes this one of the best SOG knives when it comes to balance.

The SOG Seal Pup Elite knife features a clip point, in contrast to many fixed blade knives which use a drop point. The clip point ends in a much sharper edge, which makes thrusting and stabbing with this knife much easier. While it’s not specifically designed for self-defense, the Seal Pup Elite does the job well, and this is a knife that won’t let you down regardless of how you have to use it.

Finally, because of its AUS-8 steel construction, the SOG Seal Pup Elite knife is exceptionally weatherproof and durable. It can handle the salt spray of marine environments, and dampness or rain absolutely won’t harm the blade at all. It’s also stain resistant, so you can use this knife for common camp tasks like cooking food or cleaning game without ruining the look of the blade.


The Handle

SOG incorporates modern composite materials into the handle of the SOG Seal Pup Elite knife. The handle is crafted from fiberglass reinforced nylon, which makes it incredibly tough and durable. Nylon is resistant to electricity, extreme temperatures, harsh acids, and just about everything else. The handle makes the Seal Pup the best SOG knife for use in adverse climates and harsh environments.

Another great feature about the handle is the deep diamond-pattern checking, which makes this an easy knife to hold on to. There’s very little risk of the handle slipping or the blade twisting out of your hand, even when you’re muddy, wet, or have slippery hands.


The handle is protected by the same lifetime warranty as the blade, so this is the best SOG knife to choose if you’re looking for a knife that you can take anywhere. The lanyard hole located at the base of the handle makes this knife a good choice for carrying around your neck, which is the preferred method of carry by quite a few survivalists and tactical operators.

Finally, SOG includes a generous finger guard built into the handle, which makes this Seal Pup the best SOG knife for combat. Coupled with the balance of the blade, the handle of the Seal Pup Elite has everything you need to protect yourself should the need arise.

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The SOG Seal Pup Elite knife comes with a few accessories that make it an excellent value. It includes a tough Kydex and nylon sheath, with a secure Velcro closure, that can be worn both left and right-handed. The sheath is MOLLE compatible, so if you’d rather not wear it at your hip it’s very easy to attach it to your backpack or other gear. All told, it’s a very nice sheath that will stand up to hard use without risk of tearing or damage. The SOG Seal Pup Elite knife also comes with a belt clip for low-profile carry when you don’t want the added bulk of a full-size sheath.

This knife also comes with a lanyard loop for convenient carry around your neck, or quick attachment to your pack. Including a lanyard, and not just the hole for one, sets SOG apart from most knife manufacturers who generally only provide a sheath. SOG understands that flexibility is important, and knows that different people have different tactical needs, and it’s just one more thing that sets them apart from the competition.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to find another knife that’s as useful, flexible, and high-quality as the SOG Seal Pup Elite knife. SOG has had decades of experience in building the perfect tactical knife, and the Seal Pup may be the best SOG knife available at any price. It’s built to stand up to any abuse that you can throw at it, and is versatile enough to be the perfect tool for a huge range of different tasks.

If you’re looking for the best SOG knife to take with you on the trail, the SOG Seal Pup Elite knife is the perfect choice because of its durable edge, indestructible handle, and convenient carrying options. If you want a combat knife, then the Seal Pup fits the bill with its razor sharp blade with a clip point for thrusting. If you’re in the market for an everyday carry utility knife, then the semi-serrated blade and compact size make it the perfect choice. There’s just nothing that this knife can’t do well.


There’s no doubt that the Seal Pup Elite is the best SOG knife for general purpose tactical use. It’s got all of the features you need, not only to open boxes and cut cordage, but to survive and protect yourself. It’s not just a well-made, versatile knife though. The Seal Pup Elite from SOG is an excellent value. The exceptional quality of the materials and manufacturing makes the Seal Pup Elite a reliable knife, and the lifetime warranty ensures that, should it ever break, you’ll be covered regardless of the circumstances.

Everyone who wants a tactical or survival knife should take a close look at the Seal Pup Elite. There’s a reason that it has the reputation for being the best SOG knife available. It’s not any one feature that makes the Seal Pup Elite stand out above the competition, but rather the combination of high-quality modern materials, an excellent and durable cutting edge, and all of the included accessories. This is one knife that you can feel sure about purchasing, knowing that it’s built to stand up to anything you need to throw at it.

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