Best Deer Attractant – Reviews 2022

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Compared with years ago, today’s best deer attractant are very different.

My grandfather used to take me to his friend’s house when I was a kid, more than 50 years ago. There was a lot of land behind his house and every fall, a truckload of apples would be dumped there.

While we were watching the deer graze on those apples in broad daylight, we saw them coming down the hill to graze in broad daylight.

As a child, I was mesmerized by seeing big bucks eating those apples.

best deer attractants are available in much better and much easier forms today than apples.

6 Best Deer Attractant  Reviews

Lucky Buck Deer Attractant 

Top Overall

Lucky Buck is a great product. You can use it either on the ground or mixed with corn as one of the best  deer attractant.

The salt content in this product makes it very appealing to deer, and it provides the nutrition buck antlers need to grow large sets of antlers.

Deer that are fed it with corn will get nutrients from the corn, as well as minerals that will help them grow big antlers, but they will also consume dirt or stumps you have mixed it with.

These things work without a doubt. This picture was taken on the first day of hunting season in Adams County, Ohio, after he was fed Lucky Buck by an Amish woman.

What Does It Contain?

Deer love salt, so Lucky Buck is mostly salt. Introducing other minerals at the same time is an effective way to get them to ingest them.

  • Sodium chloride
  • Rare mineral selenite
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Cobalt
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Mineral Oil
  • Natural and artificial flavors

Bucks need minerals to grow big antlers!

The best way to use:

One of our staff members uses Lucky Buck as a mix in his feeders and on the ground to attract deer. They are simultaneously feeding the deer and providing the mineral rich soil for the deer.

A buck will use a mineral site on the ground or a stump that a hunter dispenses with Lucky Buck.

What We Like

  • It’s a favorite among Bucks. Many of them are addicted to it.
  • Formulated with fine powder that mixes easily.
  • In addition to using this method on the ground, it can be used to determine mineral sites as well.
  • This stuff produces big bucks, as evidenced by numerous studies.
  • An easy-to-carry bucket weighs 20 pounds.
  • American-made.

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive.

The results of the study are self-evident. Big bucks can be grown and harvested with this stuff.

We at use Lucky Buck throughout the year to grow big bucks for the hunting season as it is one of the top choices among our staff for best deer attractant.

best deer attractant

Outdoor Hunting Lab Antler Power Deer Minerals  

Best Whitetail Deer Attractant 

Hunters who would like their buck deer to grow big antlers on their hunting property will find this attractant ideal.

This attractant is out all year for our guys who use it. It not only gives the buck a head start to his antler development at birth, but it also ensures the does get the essential trace minerals they need when lactating to maintain their antlers.

To illustrate how minerals can affect antler growth, let me give you an example.

Big Papi was fed these minerals from the age of 3 years old when he was a whitetail deer. Three or four years after using these minerals, his antlers literally blew up.

What Does It Contain?

It is one of our favorite things about Outdoor Hunting Lab to see what is in their products. By looking at the big label on each package, you can easily find the ingredients in each product.

Antler Power Deer Minerals include the following ingredients:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Salt
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Whitetail deer are attracted to this combination, which also keeps them healthy and strong.

Additionally, antler growth is CRAZY!

The best way to use:

  • It is pretty easy to use the Antler Power Deer Minerals from Outdoor Hunting Lab.
  • Besides being able to be used on bare ground, this product can also be used on old stumps or logs.
  • If you want the debris to stay off the ground, you can simply pour it on the bare ground after cleaning the ground.
  • Its scent draws deer immediately and will keep them coming back for months because of the minerals it contains.
  • Feeding your deer with the mixture provides them with both minerals and feed.

What We Like

  • User-friendly. Easy to apply.
  • It is insane how fast the antlers are growing.
  • Deer are attracted from afar by this lure.
  • It is used by deer every day.
  • Contains all minerals that bucks need to produce antlers, and all minerals that does need to ensure that fawns get off to an ideal start.
  • A convenient bucket that holds 50 pounds.
  • American-made.                                   

What We Don’t Like

You must reapply.

  • Costly compared to other deer attractants.

The Outdoor Hunting Lab Antler Power Deer Minerals are perfect for attracting whitetail deer while still providing minerals that promote antler growth and keep deer on your property healthy and strong. This is one of the best deer attractant.

best deer attractant

Big & J BB2 Deer Attractant 

Deer Food Attractants

Deer attractants such as Big & J BB2 are praised highly by our team of professional authors and contributors.

The BB2 deer lure is based on protein.

That means what?

There are grain products and grain byproducts in this mineral supplement.

It was designed to be used as a feed and not a mineral site, as it is grain based. In contrast to eating dirt that has been poured with minerals, the deer get minerals from the food they eat.

Additionally, because the deer’s diet is rich in protein, they have everything they need to fully digest and absorb minerals. 

Its strong and intense scent attracts deer from a great distance, keeping them on your hunting grounds and keeping them away from the neighbors’ properties.

What Does It Contain?

A major component of Big & J BB2 is grains with added minerals. When deer eat this, they get these benefits:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Calcium 
  • Phosphorus
  • Salt

Combining these ingredients makes deer return time and time again.

The best way to use:

  • The wind currents can carry this scent a long distance, which is ideal for attracting deer.
  • This smell will attract deer quite far away and they will want to investigate. Deer will continually come back to the same place the moment they discover it.
  • The bag needs only to be opened and spread on the ground in front of your deer stand or trail camera.
  • We have observed that deer, particularly bucks, start using it within 24 hours, sometimes within a couple of hours.

What We Like

  • Long distance deer are attracted by a powerful aroma. 
  • The deer actually eat this enriched grain fortified with minerals.
  • The soil can be poured on the ground or used as a feeder.
  • It is eaten every day by deer.
  • Bags of 40 lbs are available.
  • American-made.

What We Don’t Like

  • Continually replenished.
  • Costly.

Best deer attractant food are essential to our operation, but Big & J BB2 goes beyond that. The opportunity to support a company that is able to truly inspire your pride is not one you come across very often to.

A good example of such a company is Big & J.

best deer attractant

Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage Deer Attractant 

Best Deer Feed Attractant Runner Up

Deer food attractants such as Acorn Rage are other top choices. One of our employees only uses this bait in front of his deer stand.

In this product, real acorns are combined with roasted soybeans that deer really love.

The best deer attractant food from Wildgame Innovations are also made with their proprietary Airborne TechnologyTM, which disperses scent more quickly and farther than similar products.

What Does It Contain?

In addition to being an attractive food for deer, Acorn Rage contains very few other ingredients. It has a very high protein content which is good for supporting the health of the deer, but very few minerals that help with antler development, which is why we prefer the Big & J deer feed attractant.

Acorn Rage includes the following:

  • Products derived from plants
  • A by-product of the grain processing industry
  • The acorn
  • A mineral called calcium carbonate
  • The deer attraction properties of Acorn Rage are undeniable, but we would like to see more minerals that can be used for antler and fawn development.

The best way to use:

  • The acorn rage should just be poured on the ground where the deer is to feed.
  • For a tree stand or ground blind, it works great in front of trail cameras.
  • The scent molecules start traveling on the wind currents as soon as you pour it out and attract deer to the food.
  • In numerous cases, we’ve observed deer eat Acorn Rage before eating other foods.

What We Like

  • These things are loved by deer.
  • Protein and fiber are very high in this product.
  • We can attract deer from far distances with Airborne TechnologyTM.
  • In addition to other food, deer will eat this first.
  • Bags of 20 pounds are available.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires constant replenishment.
  • Costly.

Minerals would have been nice.

Acorn Rage will definitely work as a deer feed attractant, but if it had the same beneficial mineral content as Big & J, this would be even better.

best deer attractant

Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Deer

Best Deer Mineral Attractant 

It’s a given that Whitetail Institute products provide results-driven products for deer, and you should trust them too and it is one of  best deer attractant.

It is professionally formulated so that the deer will get the correct nutrients in the right amounts they need to build a healthy herd and grow big antlers.

DevourTM, a proprietary attractant used by the Whitetail Institute, will have deer digging holes to reach it. 

Bucks and does need vitamins and minerals for pregnancy, lactation, and antler development during spring and summer.

Your deer will grow antlers to their full genetic potential if you use Whitetail Institute 30-06.

What does it contain?

The minerals in it are great, but there is also Antler Up D3 which is vitamin D3 that aids in the absorption of the minerals.

The fragrance is really good and it’s very fine.

Additionally, your deer will receive the following:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Salt
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium 
  • Vitamin A

All of this is provided in just the right amounts and ratios to meet your deer’s needs.

The best way to use:

  • Create a few-foot-diameter clearing on the ground. Make a few shallow incisions into the soil with the 30-06 minerals.
  • Let the DevourTM  best deer attractant do its job as you place the rest of the bag on top.
  • We have observed that deer find minerals in less than 24 hours and actually dig holes to ingest the dirt and minerals.
  • During the late winter, spring and summer, this is particularly important for lactating does and antler growth.

What We Like

  • It is backed by research and professionally formulated.
  • It contains the right mineral ratios and the right amounts in the right amounts for deer.
  • Vitamin D3 aids the deer in absorbing minerals more effectively and is included in these supplements.
  • Whitetail Institute has our trust.
  • Bags of 20 lbs are available.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price is a bit high.

The Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral Vitamin Supplement is the  best deer attractant mineral  for you if you care about the health and welfare of the deer on your property and also want to help them reach their genetic potential with antler growth.

best deer attractant
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