10 Best Crossbow Broadheads Reviews in 2022

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This guide will show you 10 best crossbow broadheads out there, all shown in the middle of this guide, the pros and cons of all.

A huge debate between mechanical heads and fixed blade broadheads are still prevailing. Some passionate hunters pulled out their past experience using any of the broadheads.

The most decisive factor is the preferred function; the hunter wants to achieve.

Initially our list is the fixed blade broadheads. It is reliable for beginner stage. At the same time, the mechanical wide head is usually used for the highest cut. It also leaves a clear trail of blood. In addition, the accuracy is first class compared to the first.

Each tool has a different point, some features will be selected or rejected. Therefore, a good hunter should know what they like and want to achieve.

Now let’s dive into the list Best Broad heads for crossbow

Best Mechanical Broadheads for Crossbow

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead Review 2021

rage bowhunting hypodermic crossbow mechanical broadhead


  • Accuracy: the wide head of anger is known for its precision and legendary wound passage.
  • Large cutting surface: rear unfolding, ramp design with huge tip blades and expandable stainless steel blades of 0.035 inches thick.
  • Technology: The improved impact absorption collar technology ensures proper insert attachment in bolt storage and in flight and allows wide head to be opened in case of impact.
  • Pack of 3 -100 or 125 wide knives. Replacement blade r53005 (not included) Made in USA

This type of broadhead can be pass through an elk, bear, deer in the heartbeat! Rage is far ahead of the game. Craftsmen build and design this especially for the use of crossbow.

The bolts can pass and make a possible double pulmonary stroke, which may be the last winning shot claimed by the hunter. The broadhead can be opened, as expected. Provide a clean killing.

Sometimes the influence can bend the body broadhead itself. To remedy the situation, enough heat and light tap with a hammer can straighten it.

In addition, the freshness of the stone can help the razors recover. The broadhead for crossbow doesn’t require much work to maintain. As always, it extends to its full cutting width.  In the light of this information, disabled animals produce extensive and long traces of blood. The large passage of the wound leads to blood stains, which leads to rapid bleeding.

Thanks to its quick and precise mechanism, the target will die in a snapshot. It’s just the best mechanical broadhead available, and you’ll love it every time you use it.Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadhead for Small Game

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads

Swhacker SWH00207 Broadheads review


  • Each group includes 3 wide heads.
  • 100 wide heads with 2 expandable blades
  • Blade: 0.032″ thick, stainless steel, sharp blade
  • Each set includes 3 wide heads.

Swhackers are well said by people as very decent in terms of its ability as a hunting tool. It is sturdy and durable and widely deployed once shot. They can fly like the field tricks you specify and shoot very fast. Even in a steep field, you will

literally cut off the clean liver.

In addition, the arrow can hit very badly, so it is better to be careful that you want it to shoot! The blade will be fully deployed at the time you want it to boot. It can leave a fairly good trail and have an easy recovery after shooting in the air.

This is already something important, because even with a simple design, they can fly to their target field point accurately. The shot can penetrate clean.

After shooting several times, the condition of the blade remains pleasant. In case of other Broadhedad happens the opposite. After each shot, these broadheads should be replaced with blades. On the other hand, the Schwacker broadhead needs a little sharpening before using again.

However, you can easily rest, because there is no need for replacement at all. This saves you precious time and fills your pocket savings.

Most customers are satisfied with the purchase of this hunting equipment. The testimony of an Amazon customer strongly testifies to this broadhead for crossbow stands solid.

According to Charles Morton, the wide head can be cut like butter. As a true hunter, the bald man meets his short-term and long-term hunting squadron in the forest.

The downside, however, is that sometimes it can be a little noisy. However, nothing like a good band adjustment can solve this problematic problem! Besides, he does a good job. People swear by this amazing wide head that you will love to wear it.

Best Crossbow Broadhead overall

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadhead – Great head for the crossbow

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadhead review

  • Hybrid Crossbow Wide Head: Two rear unfolded expandable blades are reliable and powerful enough to provide a large number of entry wounds, larger diameter sleeves to match the crossbow bolts to improve penetration and flight.
  • Precision: Trocar wide head hybrid hex crossbow helps you quickly release great games
  • Aerodynamics: 035 inch fixed blade with 2 degree offset, induced rotation and field flight, 100 capsules, 3-pack hybrid wide head.

The Muzzy Trocar HBX is a hybrid broadhead with a fairly unique design. Hybrid construction combines the advantages of fixed and expandable blades. They are equipped with tapered steel sleeves of the same size as the bolts and use the same three-sided stainless steel surgical blades.

The tip is used as in the previous Xbow Trocar. Mechanical blades are kept in closed position by friction washers.

In flight with fixed blades and unfolded rear mechanical blades bent wide heads only 3/4″ x 1″ in the profile, the company said to give field tip accuracy, and by most accounts it is true. In shock, the mechanical blades expand to 1-5/8″ cutting diameter for the passage of the large wound.

But here’s the twist. When expandable blades find bones, they close and reopen after locking, allowing the fixed blade to perform heavy work.

These are available in 100 tablets and 125 tablets. Users report excellent results with Trocar HBX broadhead trocar, which is well worth a try.

Best Crossbow Broadhead for Elk and Deer Hunting 2021

Slick Trick Broadheads Review – For Both deer and elk

Slick Trick Broadheads Review

  • Size: 1-1/16″
  • Weight: 100 Grain
  • 035 SS Lutz Blades
  • Super steel ferrule

The Slick Trick broadbrand for hunting will not disappoint anyone. Even if they constantly recommend their fellow hunters, the brand is superior.

The elk and deer hunter who are passionate will jump with joy once released as it is the best crossbow broadband for deer. The inner shape of the Slick Trick broadbrand stunt is made of high standard materials.

Its new patented technology is used in blade locking systems. The system is designed for accurate flight at very high speeds.

It treated as best fixed blade broadhead which is very quiet but sharp. But be careful, you can accidentally cut yourself when dealing with these things.

One thing to keep in mind is that adjusting the bow well can help. It may allow you to be faithful to most points of the site and fly accordingly.

However, he still passed a number of hits. assured that no one can resist the tip of the chisel.

It was completely amazing and shot straight into the shoulder bone. Unbeatable better, this is a tool for buck and will make your hunt easier than ever!

Best crossbow broadhead for deer Hunting

NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

nap spitfire broadheads for crossbows review

  • 100 Grain, 3 pack
  • Diamize sharpened blades
  • Micro grooved slimline Ferrule

Nap Spitfire is a 3-blade mechanical broadhead that has earned a reputation for reliable functionality and excellent performance. Sharp blade with a patented diamond process of Nap, making the tip of the knife.

Another patented feature is the hardened steel trophy tip to maximize penetration and reduce bone deflection. It also moves a miniature slot sleeve designed to improve accuracy.

Spitfire uses a mechanical spring clamp fastening system to prevent blades from unfolding in flight, so there is no need to saturate O-rings even with high-speed arches.

Users report that this patent retention system is very reliable and hardly reported a premature deployment of blades. In fact, customer reviews of these wide heads are excellent, always citing accuracy and performance.

Available in two weights of grain 100 and 125, with a cutting diameter 1-1/2″, These can be used for carbon and aluminum bolts. Excellent choice of deer and elk, as well as turkey.

Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadhead 

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead review

This broadhead can also work with crossbows and compound bow.It has the ability to take more acceleration and resist not opening until shock. In addition, the first can be heavier in terms of weight.

The Grim Reaper is best broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps. In the case of higher fps, the spring must be rigid to prevent the blade from opening in advance.

This special broadhead opens normally even in a disadvantaged shot. Can you make part of it at a hard camping angle, the best part?

With its patented spring design, each mechanical blade can be projected on its own. In contrast to the spring in the opening, it absorbs the shock of the unfolds.

The mechanism does not indicate that the arrow deviates from the way it is. Ups, even at the steepest angle, the shots will not change while using a Grim Reaper!!

In addition, it allows replacement of blades, as well as other components. The Broadhead is also used after shooting. It is also recommended to check the sheet to ensure that it still provides the best possible capabilities.

When reusing the broadhead, you should always replace it or perfect it incredibly sharp to maximize the chances of killing.

His appearance looks like the real thing. Most importantly, they also fly like the real head.

This tool can be a great addition to the list of passionate deer hunters gears. Because it can cause great damage and determine the location of almost all targets, this tool is a beast. Combining our fastest crossbows in the crossbow list, you should better hunting season.

G5 Striker Broadhead for Crossbow 

G5 Outdoors Striker Crossbow

  • anix blade-locking system
  • cut-on contact design
  • 100% spin tested

For those who prefer wide fixed blade broadheads, the G5 Striker front is a superior competitor, known for its durability, precision and stopping power.

It features an exclusive patented a mix blade locking system, which is essentially a very sharp three-sided steel tip locked at the bottom of the blade, protecting them from damage by the impact of the three fixed blades. Flexibility, conical for better aerodynamics and grinding with the company’s diamond cutting sharpening technology. The entire unit is made of solid steel and rotates to ± 0.002″ straight for maximum accuracy.

Available in 100 or 125 grains with a cutting diameter of 1-1/8″, the front G5 Striker is an attractive alternative of high-tech to modern hunters.

Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadhead

Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadheads

  • Solid 4-blade style with forward positioned bleeder design located on the front for field point accuracy
  • Wire cutting diameter and output blade 2.5 cm.
  • 3 x wide heads per pack.

Carbon Express fly in relation to the selected field point. The damage it causes is measured to reach its maximum threshold. This was achieved with the help of its six cutting edges.

Compared to conventional design, it can produce up to 250% wound openings. Field point will not be problematic because of its aerodynamic profile.

With, guaranteed obvious, but moral murder is also easy. In addition, it causes great damage in which, in return, you get a clean kill that can be easily tracked and found.

Even at a distance of half an inch or less at the tip of the field, it shows good performance. That’s why using this time no longer need to recalibrate a person’s vision. The goal is his beloved Carbon Express.

Carbon Express can fly in a very straight direction. Its very good penetration is perfect for hunters looking for a great rotation.

Knowing when and where to fight should also help hunters to pile up. An Amazon buyer claims that these types are the closest points they find in their field.

And they’ll work very well. Once the Carbon Express matches the field head, it is first class when it comes to the right position.

And they’ll work very well. Once the carbon expression matches the field head, it is first class when it comes to the right position.

Just a quick reminder for passionate hunter: Remember to check if your device is not open or damaged once opened. Some markets are making fraudulent transactions, charging customers additional fees.

Listen, the function of this broadhead could be fatal for entertainment. Therefore, for hard hunters, it is worth every penny of you.

What are broadheads and why should you use them?

Most people do not know a thing about a broadhead, let alone choose a thing. First of all, aspiring hunters should understand how broadheads work.

It is well known that the broadhead is used to aim at animals in an ethical way. In addition, it works well to achieve the right amount of blood loss needed to claim your next trophy.

However, for it to work, it must be very sharp. This will allow cutting the necessary organs and blood vessels. Reduce the circulation of white animals in the body will be effortlessly.

Such blunt blades can deprive animals of the opportunity to be killed in a human way. Therefore, your w broadhead should be madly sharp and finish your goal in a sudden way.

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How to choose the best broadheads crossbow


The type of broadhead or the broadhead itself that are considered illegal, the eyes of the law can put you behind the prison bar. Do not make an absurd mistake and read which broadhead in your position is good and what should not be worn.


To tell the broadhead puncture well, you need to be able to pass the thick skin of the animal. In addition, it must be further pierced in its organs. Most hunters adhere to penetrate into their position, the force, distance and performance of the bow is also added before shooting. Sometimes, however, a good broadhead is equivalent to having a good puncture depth.


The ability of a broadhead to withstand almost anything illustrates how a hunter deals with it the way. It is not necessary to critically examine the details of the broadhead. Once you use it, there will be problems if ignored. However, it is something specific broadhead that makes a big head wide. Choosing a time for yourself with a good eye is a great determinant.


Your broadhead are carried wherever and whenever you go. It is necessary that it fits perfectly with your body proportions. If you buy an inappropriate, your spine will be eclectic. Diameter: Penetrates further and has improved performance.


A smaller cutting diameter is usually perfectly matched with most broadhead crossbows. That is why it is usually recommended when choosing a broadhead. To get a wide expandable head you must ensure enough hunters that have a cutting diameter of 1 1/2″ or less. This cutting diameter is for a great hunting experience.


Without accuracy, you can lose your archery targets, but worse still lose hunting opportunities. Have a good eye at the most appropriate distance to get the best shot possible. In addition, having a large, high quality broadhead can help a lot with your hunting alignment.

How to maintain the crossbow broadheads?

Of course, keeping the crossbow arches can require a lot of work, especially if it is bulky and heavy. But hunters should do it for their reliability and durability for a long time.

In addition, using it in its original conditions can benefit hunters. One should know that the performance of the broadhead plays an important role in achieving these goals. It will be impossible to achieve if it is simply left in a corner of dust accumulates.

In addition, extending the service life and functionality of the broadhead can affect a number of factors. These factors include the speed, trajectory, range, and force of the arrow.

That’s why, as a hunter, you should avoid letting your equipment go to waste. Take care of yourself or treat him like your child.

How to sharpen crossbow broadheads?

Sharpening a broadhead can be exhausted, but it’s not an excuse to avoid the task of sharpening it. One should know that the wide crossbow head differs in shape, size and structure. That’s why “one size fits all” references will not work with broadheads.

That’s why buying packs of replacement blades is more practical and safe. On the other hand, it is easy to sharpen only with the use of stones.

If you have a magnifying glass or any magnifying glass tool, most polished edges remain rough. Use fine stones crowned with matching oil to facilitate edges and make them sharp.

It needs to be stroked on the leather to complete the sharpening process and make the blade appear. You should also pay attention every time you use foam target. Then you have to take good care of them!

These are types of broadhead tips

Chisel Tips Broadheads

Most chisel tips have a sharp tip that allows you to penetrate better when hitting the bone. Several hunters appreciate the chisel tip style, as it is able to capture rewards.

In general, these types of broadheads often provide resistance to the head in hard collisions. The most important thing is that you can leave more damage when you enter.

Injuries always leave traces of blood effortlessly, especially in animals with thicker skin. Examples of these animals may be hogs or elk.

Cut on Contact Broadheads

Broad contacts represent faster penetration and cleaner deaths.

There are cases when the incision in the contact head bends at the tip of the blade because it immediately hits the bone. Most people say that this experience is nothing new and most cut contact fans.

This type of broadhead loses some energy once the damage occurs. It will then poll as it extends further down.

Chisel Tips vs Cut on Contact Broadheads

For penetration, each tip works in a different way and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everyone penetrates well. But when it comes to the means that hunters will use, they have different advantages.

Cut the contact broadhead hiding wedges to help penetrate. Cutting by different skins is its main base and better than the chisel tip.

At the same time, sharp chisel arrows to penetrate into the concealment of the target animal requires great strength. There is some resistance that weakens these tips through. It is possible that there is a wide rupture in the head, so care can help.

In addition, the tip can be bent to a certain degree, thus minimizing the strength of the chisel tip cut through the skin. The mechanism of the chisel tip is very different from the minimum effort in contact with a wide head cut.

The tip of the chisel tends to do a better job when it comes to bone and cartilage.

When it comes to boar, cut the contact broadhead to do a better job. Animals like wild boar are famous for having harder skin penetrates into.

There are also minor differences when comparing cut faces. For lower removable weights, the broadhead provides deeper penetration. It also features a smaller two-edged cut compared to the traditional 3-edged chisel design.

The overall cutting surface makes a greater contribution than the cutting edge style. In addition, the tip has a corresponding effect on the overall performance of the crossbow. That is why the cutting surface is still considered.

 According to them, he did well during the game of wild hunting. Personally I have used all the broadheads on this list and I love them all and combine them with a good crossbow and a large footprint camera that is putting the hunt. If you like bolts you can find the best crossbow bolts here.

 If you are going to hunt in the forest and do not want to be found, easy you need to invest in a large blind land or erect this thing.


Question #1: Are broadheads already sharpened when bought?

Yes, it will not all the time same. That’s why today there are tons of sharpening tools on the market. You can buy yourself in a physical store next to you. You can use Google Maps or browse online stores like Amazon or eBay. There’s tons in there. A good Google search can go a long way, even for beginners.

Question #2: Which company makes the best broadheads?

Each year, different companies make it to the top. This can be attributed to consumer buying behaviour. Meaning, consumers direct their attention to the quality and built of each broadhead. Reputable brands such as Thunderhead, Muzzy, G5, Cardboard Express, Killzone and Magnus top the list for the best deer broadheads for hunting in 2019. Make sure to get yours from these trusted brands. It is also fine to just trust in what your gut tells you, but testimonials help a lot too, especially if you are a beginner. A lot of the same manufacturers that make the best crossbow bolts are often the same for that makes the best crossbow broadheads as well.

This can be attributed to the buying behavior of consumers. That is, consumers pay direct attention to the quality and the built-in of each broadhead. A list of the best deer from renowned brands such as Thunderhead, muzzy, G5, Cardboard Express, Killzone and Magnus top the list for the best deer broadheads for hunting in 2019. Be sure to get yours from these trusted brands.

 It is also good to rely on your instinct to tell you, but recommendations help a lot, especially if you are a beginner. Many of the same manufacturers make the best crossbow bolts are often the same, making the best broadhead crossbow well.

Question #3: Are thin blades more effective than thick blades?

Blades made of thicker structures are stronger, on the contrary, it is easier and convenient to cut thinner blades. In addition, it will cut the air faster than a thick blade, because it will be slower than a thick blade, because when it is slower, however, soaking the contact force is better achieved by using a thicker blade. The first does not drill deeper.

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