Best Hunting Gloves Reviews 2022

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This article is meant to help you in choosing the best hunting gloves for your activities. The proper choice depends a lot on the season and activity level. For example, during your hunt you might sit still or actively move, and that will predetermine the right gloves for you. Average temperature plays important role there, too. The rightly chosen pair of good gloves should keep your hands and fingers warm and comfortable while at the same time allow maximum performance that it can provide. Your personal comfort and success in the field will depend on that.

Actually, there are so many combinations of different weather states (wind force, temperature, rain). Thus, there is no ideal pair of gloves, and most probably you’ll need to have few different models for different situations.

Here we’re going to help you separate the differences in the abundance of glove choices.

Every new model of gloves is usually designed with specific application in mind. Some of them provide better grip surface so that you will easily grasp things without risk of dropping, wet or dry. Some provide better flexibility and adaptability to different types of activities, so that you’ll be super easy to work in them or perform different tasks.

For mild weather people usually prefer leather gloves because of their design, durability and protection from physical impact. Having said that, warmth and comfort are usually more important than design, when it comes to performing in hard conditions, just like hunting. Here you may need some insulation for warmth and waterproof surface or materials to keep your hands dry.

Top 3 Best Hunting Gloves 2022 – Editors’ Pick

1. Scent Blocker Outfitter Waterproof Glove

Gloves that are water proof will ensure your safe and stable presence whole day on a trail or in the stand. ScentBlocker has all it needs to provide you with that with the Outfitter RainBlocker Gloves. These polyester designed gloves feature a waterproof breathable membrane and a resilient synthetic palm that will provide extreme grip. The hook-&-loop closure will let you have adjustable fit of these gloves.

  • Water resistant
  • Synthetic palm
  • Totally made of polyester
  • Breathable


2. Under Armour Men’s UA ColdGear® Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves

ColdGear ® Infrared printed lining comes with a soft, thermo-conductive internal coating that will nicely keep your body heat. Under Armour Scent Control technology holds and suppresses scents making you less detectable and more dangerous. 6 oz. PrimaLoft Insulation is lightweight, water-resistant, breathable and warm. Silicone printed palm side allows for great grip. Low profile adjustable cuff. These gloves are ok with using touch screen mobile devices. Polyester/Synthetic Leather/Spandex/Silicon.


3. Hot Shot Men’s “Predator” Pop-Top Mitten

Men’s “Predator” brushed tricot touch glove with pop-top mitten, comes with with 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. It has Odor-XCHANGE anti-microbial lining. Flexible binding on pop-top opening, embossed rubber palm side, tip and back side of pop-top opening with bite tab, pull back thumb, solid colored spandex fingers inside with PRO-TEXT touch sensitive component on index fingertip for compatibility with touch-screen usage. Zippered heater pack pocket on back side of mitten, silent magnetic closures on pop-top and thumb, fleece cuff and a flexible wrist. They are ok with machine wash . Do not bleach, Dry Flat.


Best Hunting Gloves Buying Guide – Things To Take Note Of

Light Gloves / Liners

The first and the least possible hands protection but with maximum maneuverability is a lightweight glove that uses such materials as cotton, fleece, leather, or MT050. This basic protection provides safety from cuts and abrasions in addition to offering a little amount of warmth for early fall or late spring days. Such gloves come without any insulation, thus they are very flexible, with very good tactile sensitivity level.

It’s a good idea to have a couple of such simple lightweight gloves at hand in your house and in car for quick use if you suddenly feel chilly. Additionally, uninsulated cotton camo gloves will do the good job on moderate weather days on spring turkey season. They also can serve as a liner for more heavy gloves.

Sometimes though, two pairs of liner gloves are better than heavy gloves, in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Liner gloves differ from usual light gloves by adding an extra fabric layer that slightly keeps body’s warmth. If you are not suffering from excessive sweating, wool is perfect material for your gloves because it is good at keeping warmth. If sweating is a problem, you’d better to go for synthetic fabrics. Such fibers are better at wicking away wetness and moisture and are still good at preserving warmth.

Hunters, primarily archers, need to think about scent when choosing liner glove, or full functional gloves.

Check models with that feature

Shooting Gloves

Shooting gloves is a really broad category. When we’re talking about shooting type, we need to ask 3 question: what will you be shooting at, where and when. For example, if it is summer, or early fall with easy targets, you will be just fine want some simple and light protection with good maneuverability.

For such light type of glove you need to shop for features like flexible mesh backing that will be good at releasing excess heat and an adjustable strap that will take care of good fit. For somewhat lower temperatures you still need good movement of working fingers with addition of some insulation. Insulation always adds thickness so choose wisely there. For heaviest insulation you might need to look for articulated fingers to be able to perform well.

When it comes to bow hunting, you might need even more functionality to prepare your shoot and hit the target. Double-thick leather on shooting fingers is just what you might need then.

If you are on the move and need to cover long distances – you will generate a lot of heat. You will need your clothing to release it without letting the cold in. That’s where you might need little to no insulation and good breathability. Waterproof breathable GORE-TEX liner might help in such case.

The most popular category is mid-weight since they offer the largest protection levels and also offer acceptable functionality. Such gloves offer almost the same features as heavier gloves do, but they come with less insulation and thus – offer better flexibility. These are meant for almost any season use and are designed for active movement. It is up to you then to choose better warmth or durability, silence or scent-blocking.

So, when the daily temperatures aren’t too low or if you’re very active on a cold day, mid-weight gloves will be just great for you.

Check models with that feature


During the severely cold winter season you might want to go for heavy insulation that will be great at protecting you from elements. Insulation keeps heated air in hollow-core fibers and doesn’t let it out of the glove.

Such synthetic fabrics with this kind of characteristics are usually developed using several technologies, each with its own level of loft. This is an important factor that defines amount of air held by a fiber. For example, thinsulate is developed in many weights and lofts along with properties focused on specific functions. Thinsulate Flex can stretch at up to 40% in any direction without being torn. This feature is quite useful when it comes to gloves. Thinsulate Supreme has moderate loft, using extremely durable polyester material, which can withstand continuous washing. Thinsulate Ultra is thicker than original Thinsulate, comes with the highest thickness and loft.

Check models with that feature

    • Thinsulate 40 grams is suggested for cool weather or for situations where you need to be highly active, with a lot of body warmth release.
    • Thinsulate 70 grams is suggested for cold weather with moderate activity where you will generate a moderate amount of heat during your activity.
    • Thinsulate 100 grams will be ok for very cold weather and not much of physical activity while being outdoors.
    • Thinsulate 150 grams is meant for rather cold weather with little to know physical activity where you will generate almost zero body heat.

Some of methods for improving the ability of glove keep your heat and resist water may be using Velcro wrist straps or fleece cuffs, neoprene installs.

On particularly cold winter days, you may find a good use of a muff. The ideal muff is usually large enough to let you freely use gloves, and it might also have flexible cuffs to preserve the heat. Along with their significant insulating ability, choose a muff that is accompanied with a pocket with a chemical warmer or additional gear. Muff pockets can be used for carrying calls. If you have a muff, you’re ok to wear lightweight gloves that will allow you better movement and functioning. When you feel cold – you can warm your hand pretty fast with your muff.

Water resistant characteristics GORE-TEX ® is famous when we talk about providing a water resistant layer that wicks away all the moisture. If you are going to contact the water during your outdoor activities, GORE-TEX ® is better to be on your list of mandatory attributes when choosing gloves. Another excellent waterproof fabric is Dry-Plu® laminate that was developed for maximum water resistance and breathability. It can be bonded to textiles to ensure a supple, silent barrier from precipitation. This material also lets perspiration to escape without problems. Neoprene is one more great material that is totally waterproof. But it can be heavier than what you might need in some circumstances. If you need good flexibility along with warmth, application of this material will do just fine. If you will be in full contact with water, better to avoid neoprene.

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