Best Tactical Gloves Reviews 2022

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In this guide we will help you to choose the best tactical gloves that will perfectly suit your needs. Your hands are the most perfect tools and weapon you’ll ever have. You have to keep them in good condition and working order. Keeping them safe is important, especially in rough environment and during tough activities – be that hunt, paintball – just anything. That way you’ll ensure safe and effective hunt, battle, or any other outdoor activity. This is where you need a good pair of tactical gloves.

To turn into mission-ineffective person does not always point to traumas, wounds or something tough like that. It could just be plain cold when you won’t be able to effectively move fingers, or a slight finger cut that will get septic while you’re still out there. Despite the fact that an outdoor activity may commence while you’re warm and dry, later everything can change a lot, and you may face hard conditions. You have to be prepared to those. And this is surely done by having good tactical protective gloves with you.

Choosing the ideal pair of gloves may be a challenging matter, since there are lot of them out there. You need to know some basics first. The gloves have to provide adequate protection to cope with anything from simple physical impact to severe contact with neighborhood.

For hunting and tactical purposes your pair should have appropriate flex to let you easily hold a gun or bow and effectively pull the trigger while still having satisfactory tactile sensitivity to use your self-defense knife readily. Such gloves should be warm, and provide enough ventilation. This type of clothes really can be a matter of necessity, so forget about cutting the corners – choose the proper pair and buy it.

Below you’ll see comparison guide with best tactical models on the market. Besides, below that table you’ll find top 3 models brief description. There is a list of key terms and buying guide at the end of the article.

Top 5 Best Tactical Gloves 2022 – Editors’ Choice

1. 5.11 Tactical Scene One Gloves

This model is great for general outdoor activities and workouts. It’s is both highly convenient and ensures good efficiency without charging you leg and arm. Protection is guaranteed by nylon finger saddles as well as rear panels. Meantime, Duraclad strengthened fabric on the palm and thumb saddles provides safety without losing sensitivity.

  • Duraclad reinforcement on thumb saddle and fingers for extra toughness
  • Tactical Touch precision fit fingertips for maximum dexterity and comfort
  • Stretch nylon finger saddles and back panel for a good fit that moves with you
  • Padded palm with Duraclad reinforcements
  • Molded neoprene cuff with VELCRO brand closure. Hand wash in cool water, line dry, do not use bleach or iron.


2. HWI HKTG 100 Hard Knuckle Gloves

This model is a tactical thing that provides highest safety to the knuckles. Shield results from a Kevlar panel around the knuckles. It also ensures fire- and cut- protection to the same area. Offered in sizes from S to XXL. This one is ideal for use in battleground, survival, outdoor camping activities, hunting, or even hard working jobs.

  • Leather
  • 2″ high
  • 2″ wide
  • 9oz Kevlar Fire resistance and cut resistance on back of hand.
  • .8mm high grade aniline goatskin
  • Injection molded hard-knuckle piece.
  • Leather palm reinforcement.
  • Contour cut design with wrapped finger.


Seibertron Men’s S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves

With this pair you’ll have strong protection and will retain dexterity, convenience, and a good fit. Seamless leather on both hand provides a smooth grip. The rear side of the glove incorporates Kevlar to guard the knuckles. Fingertips are totally seamless, that makes them simple to use. You can use this model with mobile devices (smartphones or tablets).

  • 100% Leather
  • Compatible with most cell phones
  • Features patented Tactical Touch seamless fingertip construction
  • Seamless sheepskin palm and fingers
  • Short cuff with gathered elastic wrist closure


4. Oakley Factory Pilot Glove

Due to pittards leather design these gloves provide you a good wearing sensation and grasping efficiency. It also provides good breathability all over the palm, minimizing discomfort after prolonged wearing. A lot of hunters and military forces find these gloves very usable. This model comes with knuckle guards that are tough enough to make them ideal for bike riders.

  • Full-grain leather palm
  • Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction
  • Protective knuckle to guard against impact
  • Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability
  • Unobtainium surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip, plus textured pull for easy donning.


5. Blackhawk Men’s Fury Glove

These gloves are an ideal accessory to any military/hunting backpack. Their style makes them perfect for any tactical operations and outdoor usage. Double layers of cowhide on the palm safeguard hands from water, and there is also an extra safety against cuts and physical impact. Molded thick finger and knuckle cover makes these gloves extra usable when dealing with tons of physical outdoor job.

  • Nomex
  • Heavy-duty design ideal for tactical operations
  • Dual-layer palm with premium cowhide leather for water repellency and 25% more abrasion resistance


Primary Features and Technologies

When you’re choosing gloves that will suit you the best, you need to evaluate the specific aspects of the company and the exact models to be able to tell how they differ. We know 4 key categories that you need to look at:

  • Finger dexterity. This is simply the easiness of movement and flexing your fingers when the glove in on. You need that for easy and fast trigger operation and small objects handling.
  • Fire resistance. Of course, you will contact open fire – be that hunting adventure, hiking, or military operation. And the ability of your gloves to withstand contact with fire and protect you can be quite important. Note that this feature might cost you more.
  • Price. Of course, that matters. Generally, as with other goods, you can assume that more expensive gloves will have some additional useful features. And models with similar qualities are more or less evenly priced. You only need to think which features are necessary to you and then you’ll know what you need to pay for.
  • exclusive technologies. Every manufacturer presents their own unique technologies to increase the characteristics of their gloves, to let their product be ahead of the rest market.

Taking about exclusive technologies, you can be sure that one or another technology can give substantial advantages to some model in comparison with all others, depending on your requirements. You need to know the key ones:

  • 5.11 A premium glove may come with a patented Tactical Touch fingertip design that ensures unrivalled dexterity for the user.
  • Blackhawk. The SOLAG (Special Operation Light Assault Glove) presents a fire resisting glove that has a dual-layer palm able to wick away water and enhanced physical impact resistance.
  • Line of Fire comes with TEGS (Technology Enhanced Grip System) in nearly all of its models. This technology has gripping material with better friction incorporated into its glove ensuring superb gripping effectiveness no matter what is the surface type.
  • Mechanix. This manufacturer doesn’t have any copyrighted exclusive technology. But they state they have a twenty year verified performance history of its Original Woodland Camo Glove, offered in multiple designs and sizes. The specific product difference is achieved through the combination of components and construction.
  • Viking. Zoombang is polymer, comfy and flexible. The unique feature is that the material quickly changes it’s physical characteristics upon facing an unusual physical impact, turning into solid-like material that can easily handle the energy of an impact. When the threat is handled, the material reverts to its primary physical state. Such material is immune to thermal changes.

Best Tactical Gloves Buyer’s Guide

It’s better to choose gloves for tactical use that come with:

  • 100 % ripstop, slice resistant, and almost unbreakable components and fabrics such as Kevlar or enhanced Kevlar all over;
  • Strengthened bend areas and joints to provide you a little harder fist for better physical effectiveness. Otherwise that feature can provide additional protection of your hands and knuckles from physical impact;
  • Lightweight structure that won’t affect your flexibility or your movements by any means;
  • Some decent level of fire resistance (100% is perfect, of course, but a lot of gloves models are fire- and water- resistant to just a certain extent at the minimum);
  • An ideal fit that feels like it was made specifically for your hand;
  • An efficient securing system that will almost glue a glove to you;
  • Produced by a qualified and trusted manufacturer that has a considerable experience in producing premium tactical accessories and clothes;


Obviously, only better quality tactical gloves are able to provide a decent level of protection from harsh environment, water, fire and physical impact. You need to understand what dangers you’ll be facing the most and what kind of protection is more important to you.

When you consider all those things, you won’t have any problem to identify a pair that will suit you the best, especially if you are going to but items that are made by top manufacturers. Finally, make sure that you feel content and safe with your choice. There is nothing worse than worrying about quality of your equipment when you’re heading into the woods or in the field.

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