15 Best Cellular Trail Camera 2022 – For Hunting

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Best Cellular Trail Camera 2021Today our topic is cellular trail camera reviews.To be honest, I’m reviewing cellular trail camera at my high school friend’s request. Actually, he has great strong signal of Verizon wireless service in his area and that’s why he was looking for a good quality cellular game camera that supports Verizon wireless technology.

But unfortunately, he couldn’t find any game camera to his expectation. He came to me and I thought this is really. I will just google “Best Cellular Trail Camera” and get it. But trust me, there is no blog reviewing Verizon trail camera.

So, I decided to review cellular trail camera with Verizon and fall into a sea of confusion. It was so hard to find the best cellular trail cameras.

After researching straight 5 days, talking to people who are currently using cellular trail cam, I enlisted these 10 cellular cameras for the hunters who love cellular & Verizon.

If you are looking for the same, here is the only wireless trail camera reviews that you can trust.

Best Cellular Trail Camera 2021

Best Cellular Trail Camera Verizon 2021

Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G LTE (Connected by Verizon)

Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G LTE

It is a cellular game camera that has satisfied all of its customers and all the gamers. Moreover, it never misses any movement of wildlife. Additionally, you will be surprised to know, small or big; no game can escape from its 70 feet ranged IR LED array.

The product has the right scouting security camera for you, which can solve the problem of trespassers. Moreover, you will find a security box included in the package that will not let anyone steal it.

The Verizon 4G/LTE network connects the trail camera. Moreover, it has a mobile surveillance solution that will be helpful for you. Additionally, the camera is easy to install, and you can use it very comfortably. You will be happy to know; the camera provides wire-free installation.

Moreover, the camera can work anywhere with cellular coverage. So, it is called a user-friendly model of a trail camera.

Furthermore, you can remote image after the camera is triggered by motion or timer. Additionally, the camera will provide you invisible night time infrared illumination, which is terrific.

The camera is powered by AA or portable 12V power. You will find all-in-one design and stand-alone installation. Moreover, the camera will offer you multiple images or video delivery options.

You can transmit pictures with AES 256 encryption for added security. Moreover, you will find a mobile app for iOS and Android to use the camera more comfortably.

You will get a complete bundle with 1) one Spartan camera, 2) six of U-Towels edge-less microfiber towels 3) One of dog’s heart large bone-shaped drying towel and 4) a 16G SD card.

Moreover, you will find the 8MP photo resolution quite clear and perfect for crisp night images and videos nicely. One more best thing is the IR LED illumination gets up to 70 feet, and animals don’t notice any flash.

Spartan GoCam cellular trail camera will provide you better signal quality than your phone does. Now hurry up and set the best quality Verizon trail camera deep down the forest and observe the bucks sitting at your home. You will be surprised!

Moreover, the camera is made focusing on durability, usability and outstanding performance for your better scouting cam experience. I think you need not worry about bad weather, complicated settings or missing out on any animal or trespasser.

The customer service is praiseworthy. Moreover, it has ranked as the best Verizon cellular trail camera in 2021 by the users.

Check Latest Price of  Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G LTE 


  • Excellent signal quality and outstanding performance.
  • Extraordinarily durable and 1s trigger speed.
  • Available both Verizon and AT&T 4G.
  • Security box included.
  • Allows the transmission of video.
  • Color image quality belies its 8MP sensor and 4G LTE broadband for transmission.


  • 8MP image resolution.
  • 6.7 pounds weight.

Best Verizon trail camera 2021

Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

Spartan HD GoCam 4G LTE

First eye catching feature of Spartan 4G/LTE GoCam is ultra fast image submission through Spartan web or mobile phone portal. It is truly amazing. It also has video submission feature.

If you are targeting fast moving game or objects, this cellular game camera will fulfill your expectations. It has a trigger speed of .6 seconds and this is really fast. You can also utilize the time lapse feature that works 5s to 60s, 1min to 60min, and 1h to 8h interval options (0s to 60min trigger interval).

This trusted cellular camera can capture videos with sound but the only disappointing part is, it’s only 30 seconds.

Spartan GoCam captures image with 8MP resolution and this is clear and vivid enough if you are not planning to film your wedding with this.

The blackout flash is actually invisible and provides you crisp images and videos at night even at a distance of 80 feet.

Photos comes with information such as date, time, moon phase, temperature, and battery level. So, you don’t need to worry about batteries. You can easily track them through photo information.

You will get options for battery. It supports 4,8 and 12 AA battery and option for using 6V external power supply.

There is a 2-inch display for viewing and configuration. It supports 32 GB SD card. The SD card slot is located at the left to make it easier to eject or insert.

The user-friendly Spartan app is available for both iOS and android. Get photos and videos whenever you want.

The Spartan GoCam cellular cam is dust tight and uses IP65 waterproof technology.

Our final word for this Spartan GoCam is, if you are looking for a good quality and budget friendly cellular trail camera Verizon then this one will be perfect for you.

Check Latest Price Of Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera


  • Ultra-fast image submission
  • Includes sim
  • Mounting strap included
  • Less battery consumption
  • Budget friendly


  • 8MP image resolution
  • 30s video max

Best Cellular Trail Camera 2021

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera

We were very confused writing this review of Moultrie Mobile XV7000i. Lot of people had different issues with this trail camera.

We went deep down and found the actual reason. Actually, they had issues with the cellular function and it happened because they changed the Verizon version with AT&T version.

Don’t make the same mistake. Only the XV7000i is Verizon compatible.

Moultrie is a renowned brand in the game hunting industry and has a lot of varieties of products.

The Moultrie cellular trail camera Verizon has 20MP image resolution with 0.3s fast trigger speed. It has 80feet detection and flash range.

Battery life is longer compared to others. It comes with ILLUMI-Night 2 sensor for crisp and clear images at night.

Even though, we don’t think it will be wise to choose this keeping the above mentioned 9 cameras not tried.


  • 20MP image resolution
  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • Better night image
  • Longer battery life


  • Signal quality not that great.

Spartan GoCam with Security Box cellular trail camera Verizon 4G review

Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

First of all, this is the only cellular game camera that has satisfied all of its customers. The wildlife might consider it their greatest enemy as it never misses any movement. Small or big, no game can escape from its 70 feet ranged IR LED array.

If you are having problem with trespassers, this is the right scouting security camera for you. It comes with a security box (included in the package) that won’t let anyone steal it.

The 8MP photo resolution is quite clear and crisp night images and videos. The IR LED illumination gets up to 70 feet and still animals don’t notice any flash.

A very important thing about cellular wildlife camera is how they catches the cellular signal. For the Spartan GoCam cellular trail camera, we can guarantee that it will provide better signal quality than your phone does. Set the best quality cellular trail camera deep down the forest and observe the bucks sitting at your home.

The Spartan GoCam is made focusing on durability, usability and outstanding performance for your better scouting cam experience. So, you don’t need to worry about bad weather, complex settings or missing out any animal or trespasser.

The 720P HD video resolution is very decent if you want to use it as a standard trail camera.

The battery efficient Spartan GoCam can run several months on 12AA batteries.

Last but not the least, what most of the customers like about Spartan is their customer service. It is really praiseworthy. Call them whenever you face any problem and they will be there very soon.

BONUS: You can buy the Verizon cellular service for only $5/mo and update the software, change camera settings, maintain the device and get clear images of whitetails from your home.


  • Great signal quality
  • Outstanding performance
  • Extremely durable
  • 1s trigger speed
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Available both Verizon and AT&T 4G
  • Security box included


  • 8MP image resolution
  • 6.7 pounds weight

Verizon Realtree New Edition in 2021

Covert Blackhawk LTE

Covert Blackhawk LTE

Most unique feature of Covert Blackhawk LTE wireless trail camera is, it can send real time wind and weather update. When you are planning to go for a game hunting you must consider the wind and weather. A great shot is hardly possible in heavy wind. And you don’t want go for hunting when there is a possibility of rain. That’s why we consider this feature very useful.

Covert is a well-known company in the trail camera industry. Starting of Covert is almost like Apple’s. it started from a garage. Covert scouting cameras have been so popular that it has moved from LLC. to Inc. in a very short period of time.

The Covert Blackhawk LTE Verizon Realtree keeps the dignity of Covert by getting in the top list of cellular trail camera Verizon.

It provides 12MP image resolution and 1080P video with clear audio. The noise reduction feature of Covert Blackhawk is praiseworthy.

The invisible IR flash and silence image capture will never spook your game. Range is 100 feet and trigger speed is 0.7s.

It supports up to 64 GB SD card and runs on 12 AA batteries.

Final verdict, Covert always has been a trusted brand in game camera industry. And the Blackhawk is one of the best wireless trail camera (Verizon) available in the market. So, you can really trust this.


  • Real time wind and weather update
  • Maximum silence
  • Supports 64 GB SD card
  • Light weight
  • Great signal strength
  • Supports solar power


  • Customer service takes time

Note: In the description of amazon seller it is mentioned as AT&T network. But don’t worry. Its their mistake. It is actually Verizon network based.

Spypoint Link Micro V 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint Link Micro V 4G Cellular Trail Camera


Spypoint is a very popular brand in wireless trail camera industry. But unfortunately, we had to work really hard to find the best cellular camera Verizon among Spypoint trail cameras. Why? They had a lot of issues with their previous cellular trail cameras. Mostly picture quality and network coverage.

Thanks to Spypoint, they have found their weaknesses and replaced them with the latest technologies.

The Spypoint Link Micro V 4G cellular trail camera is the finest and flawless camera Spypoint has ever made. And I wonder how cheap the price is!

This is the cheapest cellular trail camera Verizon that works great. If you buy something cheaper than this, we can guarantee that you will be disappointed as that will not serve the purpose.

The size of the camera matches the name ‘Micro’ as it is the smallest of all. You can easily hide it.

It provides 10MP image resolution. Picture quality not so great but can’t complain for the price. Super fast 0.5 s trigger speed and 80 feet flash range.

Unique feature of the Spypoint Link Micro V is its buck tracker technology (patent pending). This is actually an A.I. based technology that analyzes your photos to recognize the gender and species of the deer.

Supports micro SD card (16 GB included). And runs on 8 AA batteries (included).

Finally, we can say if you want to test the buck tracker technology and want to have a good quality Verizon cellular trail camera for the best price, this one will fulfill your expectations.

BONUS: Unlimited photo viewing for 30 days and free 100 photos monthly plan for all time.


  • Buck tracker technology
  • 0.5s trigger speed
  • 80 feet range
  • Great coverage
  • 2 years warranty


  • Picture quality not great.
  • Supports only micro SD card

CuddeLink Dual Cell cellular trail camera Verizon review

cuddelink dual cell k-5789

If you are messing up CuddeLink with Cuddeback, relax. You are doing no wrong. CuddeLink dual cell is actually a Cuddeback’s advanced cellular trail camera for Verizon wireless network.

You can run 1 to 16 cameras on a single cellular network plan i.e. $10/month.

What makes CuddeLink dual cell trail camera different than others is the signal quality. Dual cell really does the work.

20MP clearer image quality. Amazing 0.25s trigger speed. So, it can capture 2 photos when others are capturing one. Photo size can be set to thumbnail, 1MB or 5MB to manage storage.

 Photos can be sent to your smart phone, computer or CuddeLink home camera hourly or by the number of photos (1-30).

It has no-glow IR black flash with a long range. Takes up to 32 GB SD card and 6 D cell batteries. 

Package includes 2 Cell Antennas, 1 CuddeLink Antenna, Mounting Bracket, Mounting Strap and an easy setup user manual.

Final words, if you are not sure about the cellular network coverage and want to use the camera very far from home, this one will be good choice for you.


  • Great signal quality
  • Super-fast trigger speed
  • 20MP image resolution
  • Great price


  • Cellular network plan slightly high.

Covert Scouting Camera E1 Verizon

Covert Scouting Cameras E1

The Covert scouting camera E1 has 18MP image resolution and 0.4s trigger speed. Image quality is very satisfactory. It captures images with maximum silence to prevent spooking game. No glow IR flash ranges up to 100 feet.

It has 1080P HD video resolution with audio. Captures 60 seconds video.

Covert E1 is motion and heat activated. Can capture fast moving game.

Previously covert used to send photos via direct MMS. But now you can use covert mobile app to check photos.

Signal quality is satisfactory. Works well with Verizon LTE cellular network.

This is a basic level wireless trail camera and the price is reasonable.

Final words, depending on the reputation of covert scouting cameras in cellular camera category, you can trust the Covert E1. If you had used covert cameras previously, we don’t think you will think twice to buy this as their quality is really good.


  • 18MP clear image
  • Soundless capture
  • 100 feet IR flash range
  • Reasonable price


  • Battery consumption slightly high
  • Customer service slow

Spypoint Link Dark-V 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera


Spypoint Link Dark-V 4G LTE Cellular Trail CameraAnother Spypoint in the list. It provides almost the same features as Spypoint Link Micro-V does. But not the trigger speed.

What is the fastest trigger speed that you think your trail camera should have?

Get surprised! The Spypoint Link Dark cellular trail camera has 0.07 second trigger speed which is the fastest ever in the trail camera speed. Whatever fast your game moves, it can never escape the Spypoint Link Dark.

The Spypoint Link Dark also has buck tracking A.I. technology. You will have the luxury to get the gender and species of the game recognized by the camera.

It has 12 MP image resolution with 100 feet detection range and 80 feet flash range. IR boost maximizes lighting and has blur reduction feature.

It supports 32GB SD card and runs on 8AA batteries.

Verdict, If you want to experience the fastest trail camera ever you can definitely try this.


  • 0.07s fastest trigger speed ever
  • Buck tracker
  • 100 feet detection range
  • Battery efficient


  • Price is high compared to Spypoint Link Micro-V

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Best Verizon Trail Camera

Verizon trail cameras can send pictures directly to your phone. They require a sim card and work as a cell phone. Moreover, they need a network and a subscription plan. You may know that Verizon is a famous wireless network provider in the US. Here, we have discussed the best Verizon trail camera available in the market.

Trail cameras are very much popular nowadays. If you stick these cameras in the woods, they will text or e-mail you photos of that buck you have been dreaming about! Can you imagine! What a great feature!

One more thing, you don’t have to be in the same forest or even the same place or state. Trust me, if you have a cell signal, Verizon cellular trail cameras can keep you apprised of animals and more!

Verizon trail cameras use modern amazing wireless technologies with 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular networks. The camera will send pictures automatically to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Let us discuss briefly the top 5 Verizon trail cameras that can fulfill your expectations.

Spartan GoCam with Security Box (Pick a Right Carrier for Your Need)

Spartan GoCam with Security Box

It has a robust security system, and for this reason, nowadays, users have a great interest in this product.

The trail camera is connected by the Verizon 4G/LTE network, which is excellent and essential.

Moreover, it includes mobile surveillance solution. You will install it easily. The trail camera ensures wire-free installation. Again, no Wi-Fi is required at the time of installation. Moreover, it works anywhere with cellular coverage, one of the best features of this model.

The trail camera can remote image/video after the camera is triggered by motion or timer. Moreover, you will find invisible night time infrared illumination that will make you ultimately wondered.

The product is powered by AA or portable 12V power. Moreover, the company provides an all-in-one design and stand-alone installation. Can you think! It also has multiple image/video delivery options. It is a record-breaking trail camera.

You can transmit pictures with AES 256 encryption for added security. Moreover, the mobile app for iOS and Android is also available. You can control the camera by using the application by your mobile or desktop.

You will also get invisible nighttime blackout infrared illumination. It is a magical invention of time.

Moreover, the bundle includes 1) one Spartan camera, 2) six of U-Towels edge-less microfiber towels of assorted colors, 3) one of dog’s heart Large bone-shaped drying towel; and 4) a security box.

I will suggest making sure to select the right carrier for your need. It is an exceptional and extra-ordinary trail camera.


  • Transmit pictures with AES 256 encryption.
  • High security.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Invisible night time infrared illumination.


  • Less warranty

Spartan GoCam Blackout Flash 4G LTE Verizon Camo

Spartan GoCam Blackout Flash 4G LTE Verizon

It is the best Verizon trail camera available in the market. The company has given an enormous effort to manufacture this product. Nowadays, it is getting more popular day by day.

It has many amazing features. Sure, you will like it very much.

You will find the first eye-catching feature of this product is ultra-fast image submission through the Spartan web or mobile phone portal. Yes, it is genuinely remarkable. Moreover, the camera also has a video submission feature.

Gamers who have a great ambition towards fast-moving games or objects, the trail camera will completely fulfill the expectations of all those people. You will get a trigger speed of .6 seconds, which is really fast. Doesn’t it a magic feature?

Moreover, the trail camera can capture videos with sound, but the only disappointing part is, it’s only 30 seconds. You can easily sacrifice this issue to get many more special features.

It has 8MP resolution, and this is vivid enough if you are not planning to film your wedding or such types of programs with the trail camera.

You will find the blackout flash invisible.

Moreover, you will find a 2-inch display for viewing and configuration of the trail camera. It can provide a 32 GB SD card that will ensure enough storage for your pictures.

Moreover, you will get a user-friendly Spartan app that is available for both iOS and Android. Well, you can get photos and videos whenever you want.

It is good quality and budget-friendly cellular trail camera Verizon, which will be perfect for you.


  • Ultra-fast image submission.
  • Includes sim.
  • Mounting strap included.
  • Less battery consumption.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • 8MP image resolution.
  • 30s video max.

Spartan HD GoCam 4G AT&T Version

Spartan HD GoCam 4G AT&T Version

It is a famous cellular trail camera. This model can send pictures to your phone, but it is one of the few that can also send video. It is manufactured by Spartan company, which is renowned in manufacturing trail camera.

Trust me, the GoCam’s picture quality is at least as good as many others featured here. You can choose this model undoubtedly.

You will find, the detection sensitivity is adjustable, but even at its highest sensitivity, it will not trip unnecessarily.

The camera contains a ‘no-glow’ IR flash that has an optimal range of 70 feet. Moreover, you will find night photos lack the definition of some competitors, but they are on par with most no-glow trail cams.

Moreover, I want to ensure you that the trigger times are less than one second, which is the most challenging feature of this model. I have used it practically and saw that the camera could maintain the trigger times perfectly.

Additionally, you will see there are also two separate duty modes with their trigger speeds and time-lapse modes.

But it has one wrong side. The battery used in this model is 12 lithium AAs that is not quite what other units offer, but that is expected because you have to consider one thing that the camera sends daily status updates. You can also add on aftermarket solar cells or battery packs.

Moreover, the product contains a stout and well-made case. Additionally, you will find an internal menu and image display.

The camera setup is simple and easy. When once connected, you can control the unit’s features via a cell phone app comfortably.

However, you can transmit pictures with or without AES 256 encryption. For added security, you can use encryption to transfer your images comfortably.

The company provides GoCam technology. Moreover, you will find the ultimate camera and photo management solution.

However, you will get a complete bundle with 1) one Spartan camera 2) six of U-Towels edge-less microfiber towels 3) One of dog’s heart large bone-shaped drying towel.

Moreover, the company provides some exciting features. You will get a maximum resolution of 8 MP and a Video quality of 720p. You will also find the night flash Range of 70 ft. The model provides you compatible networks like AT&T or Verizon. Moreover, you will get 4G network technology in this model.

Moreover, indeed, the photos and videos may not have the highest resolutions available, but the quality is still excellent. Every picture you captured will provide great detail, whether day or night.

Additionally, you can access the Spartan GoCam directly through a web portal or by downloading an app. The most beautiful thing is, you can maintain full control over your camera’s settings through the network!

Moreover, the GoCam is highly waterproof, yet its design allows you to use it with gloves easily.


  • Allows the transmission of video.
  • The app allows for complete use of camera settings.
  • Sends daily status reports including remaining battery percentage.
  • Color image quality belies its 8MP sensor.
  • The case is stout and well-made.
  • Transmit pictures with or without AES 256 encryption.
  • Extraordinarily durable and 1s trigger speed.
  • High-quality photographs and powerful remote-control features.


  • Night photos lack sharpness.
  • Poor battery life.

Spartan HD GoCam 4G Blackout Infrared Package

Spartan HD GoCam 4G Blackout Infrared Package

The Spartan HD GoCam is a well-known and best product for trail cameras. It has earned high ratings because it is also quite popular nowadays. It is the best Verizon wireless trail camera available in the market. You may find that there are many factors that have garnered these reviews. Moreover, they all stem from the quality experience it provides to users.

Moreover, the company provides a whole set of accessories along with the camera to complete everything you need while scouting an area for the game.

You may have listened that the product has been launched after an extensive requirement compilation with trail camera users. Can you imagine how user-friendly the product is!

Users say that the trigger is sub-second, but I want to clear you that the company hasn’t specified the exact timing. Moreover, regarding this point, we can definitely say it is more than sufficient based on user reviews. The company provides an array of IR blasters that can help in capturing footage during night time.

However, you will find the range even during the night is 70 feet, which is excellent as well as mind-blowing.

You might be thinking that the 8 MP would not be class-leading, but I want to notify you that the images from the camera are said to be of satisfactory quality. Moreover, you will be able to take 720p videos through the small sensor it has. Really, it is amazing!

You will get a way to delete the older photos and replace them with recent images once the SD card is filled. So, the camera will provide you enough storage or space.

Do you want to know some other features? Yes, the camera also boasts its durability. One look at its form factor is enough to think that the trail camera is very sturdy, which has proved by the users.

However, I am sure that you would have to attach twelve AA type batteries at the back in order to get a battery life of several months. Moreover, the company also provides a 2-year warranty, which gave it the respect for being so much user-friendly model.


  • You can add to the existing Verizon data plan.
  • Industry-leading durability backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • All-in-one design and easy Installation.
  • No required external power source.
  • Has a mobile app.
  • You will get the class-leading image quality. 
  • Security box and swivel mount available.


  • Heavyweight.

Vosker v200 outdoor security camera review

vosker v200 outdoor security camera

If you are concerned about renewable energy, or looking for a cellular scouting camera to use at your country house, construction site or a distant public land, this is the right cellular trail camera Verizon for you.

Most interesting feature of Vosker V200 is its built-in solar panel and built-in rechargeable battery. It makes you totally tension free about power supply. Just set up once and relax.

Vosker V200 is a 4G-LTE cellular based security trail camera that provides you clearer photo 24/7. A.I. image recognition makes it unique from others. The Vosker A.I. image recognition is so sharp that it doesn’t miss even a speedy car. And the detection range is 100 feet with time lapse mode.

Another unique feature of Vosker V200 is GPS Geotag. Unfortunately, this world has become more furious than before. Break-ins are more common than before. Vosker V200 can minimize this danger to a great extent.

The package includes pre-activated sim card, SD card, mounting bracket, strap, charging cable and a easy read quick setup guide.

Vosker V200 has both AT&T and Verizon version. The V200 V is for Verizon users.

Vosker V100 is another good quality cellular trail camera with almost similar features to V200 just not the solar power system, rechargeable battery, GPS Geotag and viewing & configuration screen.

And obviously there is a price difference between V200 and V100.

To sum up, if you are looking for a secured security camera and cellular trail camera Verizon, this is the right choice for you.

BONUS: You will get a one-month complementary plan for unlimited viewing and use.


  • Solar powered.
  • A.I. image recognition
  • LTE transmission
  • Free mobile app (both iOS & android)
  • Time lapse mode
  • GPS Geotagging
  • Include accessories


  • Doesn’t support live stream
  • Doesn’t take on demand photo

1stCampro Falcon Trail Game Camera (Verizon) review

1stCampro Falcon Trail Game Camera

Finally, we have found a cellular trail camera Verizon that is 20MP. Yes, the 1st Campro Falcon has 5 image resolution settings with highest 20MP resolution. And the trigger speed is just 0.6 second.

It provides 1080P HD video resolution with clear audio and records 60s. I really love to hear natural wildlife sounds. Imagine birds chirping, deer bellowing. Lovey! Isn’t it?

Another positive thing about 1stCampro is their customer service. If you are using it in USA, congrats. You will get one of the best customer services that trail camera companies provide. Really sorry to say I don’t know about their service outside USA.

They have affordable cellular plans. Most people use $5.99/month and the interesting thing is you can pause the plan in the off season. I think it’s an important feature.

The black flash is invisible and never disturbs deer coming to say ‘hello’. It ranges up to 60 feet which is slightly lower than the above mentioned trail cameras. I think it is ok for the price.

The GPS locator tracks your game camera. You can reach the thief’s house before he reaches to say “Hi, sorry but that is mine”.

It has a 2-inch display, support 32 GB SD card and runs on 12AA batteries or 6V external power.

To sum up, the 1stCampro Falcon is a budget friendly and very good quality cellular trail camera Verizon. If you like great resolution images and videos this trail cam will be a better choice for you.

BONUS: it provides free 1st Cloud Web Portal and Mobile APP and Cloud Storage


  • 20MP image resolution
  • 1080P videos (60s recording)
  • GPS tracking
  • 0.6s trigger speed
  • Light weight
  • 2 years warranty


  • Battery consumption is little bit high

Best Cellular trail camera buying guide

If you want to purchase the best Verizon trail camera, you have to know the following factors before buying one.

Wireless operation/Ease of App use

I will suggest you know what type of cellular company signal any trail camera you are thinking about buying used.

Moreover, you have to make sure that type of signal is available in the area where you want to use your wireless trail camera.

You may know that wireless trail cameras are made to be used in conjunction with specific cellular carriers too. When you have no AT&T signal where you live, then you should not purchase a trail camera that uses their particular sim cards. Firstly, you have to know what your choices are for the cellular carrier reception you get in your area.

Moreover, download an app to your smart device or laptop in order to receive photos from your wireless trail camera.

Photo resolution/Photo taking options

Your new wireless trail camera has to take good quality photos. After all, you have to see what deer and other game animals actively use any area you are thinking about hunting in.

If you want to get good clear photos of deer and other animals near your trail cam, I will suggest you buy a camera containing ’10 megapixels or better’ photo resolution.

You can think of programmable photo-taking options such as time-lapse photography and scheduled interval photography. They offer you some useful information as far as scouting for games in an area is concerned.

Video taking capability

Well, take a look at the resolution of the video it takes. You have to know clearly what game animals are wandering around the video you have taken with your cellular deer camera. I will recommend buying a camera with a video resolution of 720P or better.

Motion sensing range/Trigger speed

You have to know the daytime and nighttime photo taking ranges of the trail camera. Moreover, you should like a cellular game camera that is triggered when an object moves within at least 60 fits of it during the day, and at least 40 fits from it at night.

However, it is also important to purchase a camera that takes photos or video quickly after its motion sensor picks up movement. Experts named it as wireless camera’s ‘trigger speed.’ Moreover, I will suggest you buy a cellular trail camera with a trigger speed of 0.6 seconds or faster.


When you expose your camera to the field, it will experience some tough situations like extreme temperature, moisture and possibly even snow or ice. So, you need to buy a cellular game camera that will hold up well under such risky conditions.

Moreover, it should be made of a tough plastic material such as those that are made of polymer plastics. Again, you should buy a waterproof cellular game camera or a water-resistant trail camera.


You should buy a cellular trail camera that is completely password-protected. The company should ensure that no one can program it or use it without entering the correct password, which you have provided before.


The trail camera should be durable and long-lasting. The company should provide you a warranty of a minimum 1-year or 2-year.


An ideal Verizon trail camera should have a security box and swivel mount, easy installation process, high-quality image capturing capability and many more smart features.

Well, I have now reached to the end of a very detailed look at the best Verizon trail camera and their features. I think this will be of massive help for those looking to buy a wireless Verizon trail camera. We have discussed the top 5 products for every type of user, and you will find every product is good in its own way.

For our respective followers and users who still want some clarity after going through these five products, we will summarize the whole article in the next few words.

However, you will find the best all-rounder on this list is definitely the Spartan HD GoCam 4G Blackout Infrared Package trail camera. It will provide you very good features at a reasonable price and don’t have any big disadvantages.

Moreover, if you want the cheapest trail camera, and don’t want to invest a lot in a trail camera, the Spartan HD GoCam (4G AT&T Version, Model#GC-A4Gb, Blackout Infrared) 4G Wireless trail camera should be your choice. It can transmit pictures with or without AES 256 encryption.

However, if you need a Verizon trail camera for your huge mansion or a big farm, then the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE cameras are well worth the price. You may have noticed that they also have the distinction of being the costliest cameras on this list.

Firstly, you should determine your budget and what you intend to do with the Verizon trail camera.

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