Tasco 8mp Trail Camera Reviews in 2022

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In my hunting career, I have bought a lot of trail cameras. And in this season, the number is more than 10. But most of them couldn’t satisfy my expectations. Some were stolen, some eat batteries, and some miss the actual motion, some scare the game with uncontrolled flash and so on.

But whom to blame? The reviews? Yes, and that’s why I am writing this Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews that you can never blame.

After buying these useless trail cameras, my budget was really tight. So, I had to find a game camera that works flawlessly as well as satisfies the budget. And guess what? Yes, I have found it. The Tasco 8mp trail camera could satisfy all my expectations and need within the tight money.

I went through a lot of Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews and they really helped me to find a great game cam. As a token of gratitude, I am writing this my personal review on the Tasco trail camera so that you, my friend, don’t have to miss any hunt or waste money.

Usually, we buy trail cameras for game tracking, counting, home security, or just watching what animals are swiping from our garden. And almost all of us look for a trail cam with reliable hardware and extreme durability within a budget.

If you are one of us then definitely you are in the right place. The Tasco 8mp trail camera is way cheaper than most other cams available in the market that shares the same features on paper. Then why should we go for an expensive one when this almost 70% less expensive camera serves the purpose very well? Absolutely there is no reason.

Here in this Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews, we will try to go in-depth of features, performance, and durability, ease of use, pros and cons of the game cam. Read this article very keenly to get a clear picture of the Tasco camera. Let’s get started.

Who Is The Tasco 8mp Trail Camera For?

  • Tasco is a little beast within a limited budget. So, if your money is tight, this is perfect for you.
  • If theft is a very common phenomenon in your area and you are losing your trail cams then this will keep you free of worries.
  • If you are planning to buy more than one camera and want all of them to be durable in any weather condition then you can choose the Tasco 8mp game camera without any hesitation.

Why I Bought the Tasco 8mp Trail Camera | Best Features

Tasco 8mp Trail Camera Reviews

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I needed to buy some trail cameras in this hunting season, but because of my case, for any actual practical use of the game camera, I needed at least 4. Until about a year ago, to buy 2 cams was already quite expensive and 4 was simply expensive for me. Then I found a very good deal on a great trail camera, Tasco 8mp, the little beast.

The Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews I read before buying are absolutely positive because they do what they say they will do, take a picture of the wildlife and give it the time and date of the photo. Once the camera gets installed for taking photos, you can set the photo range as well as take one or three photos. It is proven as having a maximum shooting distance of 50 feet.

I wanted this trail camera to take a picture of deer and turkey on my hunting property and to help me to plan my deer hunting target accordingly and become my eyes 24/7 on my property. And with a great surprise, the Tasco 8mp trail camera serves all the purposes very accurately.

Being very much pleased by the performance of this trail cam, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews.


The hunting trail camera must be stronger than the regular inner security camera because it’s going to stay outdoor and face extreme weather conditions. The Tasco trail cam is very well engineered. Its manufacturing quality is very robust, structured with thick and solid plastic. The case can withstand extreme sun, cold or rain. It can also be considered as fall-proof up to 10 feet in height.

As for the appearance, it is quite classic, with dark olive camouflage, which will be overlooked on the tree. For the rest, the photo/video sensor in the middle and the night vision indicator at the bottom. It is quite easy to understand the structure and engineering.


It’s a matter of great surprise that this very low budget camera provides better performance than many other trail cams of a higher price.

It is sold at a comparatively lower price, but there are some competing models which are sold more expensive without any significant differences in feature and performance.

The structure is good enough as mentioned above. Hardware is reliable and functions very well in any weather conditions.

Easy to use, has a full control panel, and easily programmable. The quality of images and videos is very satisfactory in both day and night. No apparent lack of use or performance is noticed yet.

Image quality

The Tasco trail cam comes with an 8-megapixel sensor that will process the images for a maximum resolution of 14 megapixels for still pictures. If you consider the price, the image quality is comparatively better than many competing models with lucrative marketing.

It captures photos with necessary details (like date, time, temperature, etc.) on it. The color lacks a bit of vitality, but never a big issue for this price. The sensor responds well to capture moving animals unless they move too fast. Capture color pictures during the day and b&w pictures at night.

After using the cam for months, I can say, the performance is really amazing. Just trust our Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews, it will never let you down.


You fully rely on this Tasco trail camera for short distances around 25 feet. The trigger gets activated very fast whenever there is any movement within this distance. When moving further from the camera, it triggers doesn’t activate that fast, especially when the animal is partially covered by bushes and trees.

In my observation, the reliability of the trigger at 40-50 feet is about 50% and I’ve seen deer walk in front of the camera without activating the trigger. Surprisingly, this camera has an excellent shooting speed that some time captures fast running whitetails just as they enter the field of view (up to 30 feet). I hope you find the same in other Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews or they are providing false information.


This budget trail camera doesn’t offer much-advanced features, but for someone who gets contented with less, it offers a single photo and multiple photo shoots. It’s just basic up/down and entering navigation settings and display can be slightly complicated with the abbreviations you use, but setting the clock and triggering an outbreak is very simple.

The package includes a very thin brown strap and plastic buckle, which is a bit difficult to use, but I like the fact that it is easy to hide on public land for its dark olive color.

Battery Life

When I bought the Tasco 8mp trail camera in September, along with it I bought the cheapest brand alkaline battery on the market at that time. I’ve been running on these batteries for four months and no problem, but I can’t see how fast they run out of charge due to lack of camera battery meter.

I’ve talked to others about these cameras and I’ve been told that the reliability of the camera trigger starts to decrease with battery charging failures. To avoid this, I change the batteries every 4-5 months, but if you are willing to risk losing photos, they can run longer.

Durability and portability

In my experience of using this game camera, it has been well kept outside for some time. In fact, several Tasco 8mp cameras that I bought never had to be taken out of the field and they still serve as they did at an early age.

It has a durable housing indeed and a great mentionable feature is the built-in female thread inside which makes it easy to attach with most of any screw insert mounting bracket to the tree. Although the package includes a mounting strap, practically no straps are required.

 Ease of use

My experience with many cameras within this price range is poor. True, one reason may be that I’m not setting them correctly, or at least the best configuration doesn’t meet my needs. The Tasco game camera is flawless in this regard.

This Tasco model has a common control function, including on, off and setting – the latter is used to set time, duration, etc. lacks some features like airflow direction, but to me, this is usually not a big issue for this budget.

The manuals are available in several languages. The explanation is clear, quite accurate, and since the control panel is complete, associated with some drawings, you will understand very quickly how to use or program the trail cam.

Obviously like any other smart trail camera, you can read the time, date and temperature of each photo for a better understanding of the rhythm and life habits of all passing wildlife.


There is a small 2.4-inch screen with good enough resolution to quickly view some images or set up the camera settings. Therefore, you can use it as a digital camera to take a photo or video manually and with ease. This makes it convenient for those who do not want to use a computer.

Accessories and other

To get the best out of the Tasco, this game camera requires 8 AA batteries. With this battery, you can relax for at least eight months.

Due to low battery consumption and extreme weather sensitivity it has won a million hearts. In addition, accessories such as mounting belts and other essentials make it easy to install the camera.

However, there is very important information for the readers of Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews, namely the ease of the SD card, which is up to 32 GB.


This is a very small camera with a height of 5-7/16 inches and a width of 3-1/2 inches, including hinges and mountain chains and a thickness of 2-7/8 inches. It’s somehow smaller than my outstretched hand.


Like most other standard trail cameras, it has molded attachment points on it, allowing it to be attached to the tree using a strap (included) or Bungie cords for advanced security. It also comes with a tripod female tread located at the bottom of the camera.


It is so easy to program that an average person can program and work in 5 minutes, once he is familiar with it. I like the selection of drives so that you can erase all the photos on the SD card if you want.

One thing most users don’t like is that you can only adjust it to military time, but it really is not a big deal, it is a very slight drawback because I had to understand how military time works, it took me less than 5 minutes. Credit goes to my phone and Goggle. It has a quick setup instruction inside the deck.


  • The 8mp camera has a fine, clear image and video quality.
  • The sturdy body is made of durable plastic material to withstand any extreme condition
  • Up to 50 ft. IR flash range.
  • SD card supports up to 32 GB.
  • It offers color images in the daytime and infrared images at night.
  • Great performance for the price.
  • The Sensor responds well.
  • It comes with a complete user guide and easy to use.
  •  Waterproof and durable.


  • There is no battery meter.
  • Captures a little bit blurred image when the subject moves fast.
  • The strap is short and the buckle is difficult to tighten.
  • The video feature is not available at night time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Is this camera waterproof?

Answer: They’re waterproof. Seals are hard to keep in place after some months of use, but the camera works fine without them.

Q 2. How long does the battery last with low activity?

Answer: I inserted the battery in winter and am still taking pictures in the spring. Just put a good alkaline battery in it, should be ready to go.

Q 3. What size SD card is needed for this camera?

Answer: The camera supports up to 32 GB SD cards.

                                                                    Final Verdict

Trail cameras now have become a popular form of good impact explorers for many hunters. Currently, there is a range of smart trail cameras that move excellent image quality and even wireless capabilities. I run many of these cameras in an easy and affordable way.

If the budget is a problem and you want to run multiple cameras, the Tasco 8mp trail camera is a very good option to choose from. With consistent maneuverability and sufficient functionality, you’ll spend much less money but still getting almost the same.

Is it worth buying a cheap trail camera? Considering the price point, it will be a good decision to use the Tasco cam for observing the whitetails.

This is my overall Tasco 8mp trail camera reviews. Let’s hope for the best.


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  1. I bought 3 of these 8MP cameras and am truly impressed with everything except picture quality. The pix look great on a small screen from my phone to my laptop, but in my PC with a 22″ screen, they are so pixelated that I don’t know if the yearling bucks are spike horns or if they have any more antlers growing from the main beams. In my opinion, the camera is great for the price, but picture quality is lacking. It seems like a 2MP instead of an 8MP.


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