Bow Hunting Quotes in 2022 – For Passionate Hunters

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Bow hunting is an intriguing sport and a unique form of hunting. With an animal killing skill that dates back to before we had hunting rifles. Hunting with a bow is incredibly effective and is still preferred by most hunters even to this day due to the skill and precision the user develops overtime. As a bowhunter, you are in full control of your weapon’s stealth, speed and impact.

Often times as bow hunter you may wane in spirit and dwindle in motivation, it is at times like these you need encouraging words to remind you why you fell in love with the art of bow hunting in the first place. Well, I have garnered some of the best bow hunting quotes to help motivate and lift your spirits.

In this article I will be sharing with you inspiring quotes to get you motivated if you are a long time bow hunter and don’t seem to find your zest for this hunting art as much as you used to, quotes that would inspire you if you have always admired the bow hunting activity and need the right push to venture into it, well this is the place for you.

  •         “I have nothing against vegetarians, they are great and taste really good except”

For the occasional alligator stew.


This quote is a witty and funny look at hunting for vegetarians, as in animals who don’t feed on meat, it may be quite misleading at first but eventually, you get it with a smile on your face.

  •         “No matter how bad your hunting day goes, it can never be as bad as a good day at the office”


This quote explains the pleasure a true hunter derives from hunting even on days it does not go as expected, it still is a great sport and activity regardless.

  •         “Stand firm, take aim, hold steady, take a deep breath…then release, no you might not hit it “

On your first try, or second, or third or even your fourth, but do not stop practicing, because

Practice is how experts eventually hit the bullseye of life’s targets

This quote is a great motivation if you are still at your bow training stages and do not seem to hit your game, it encourages you to keep trying still because nothing great happens overnight.

  •         “Calmness is a vital tool when shooting an arrow, being tense would barely yield good “

Results, this is also a vital tool that should be incorporated in your overall lifestyle

This quote is meant to help beginners and experts alike who may be having a time keeping calm during hunting activities. You shouldn’t be overly worried about not getting your target, keep an open mind and just release that arrow, this also applies to your daily activities, nothing good comes out of anxiety.

  •   “All the noise of the mountains, hills, and valley morph together into one peaceful harmony,” unifying you with mother nature. This is a feeling only hunters can experience

This poetic quote highlights the peace and calms only mother nature can give to hunters. This quote can only be understood by a true bow hunter or any kind of hunter for that matter.

  •   ”Pinpointing the origin of  bows and arrows is basically pinpointing the origin of mankind”

This quote just goes to tell you how dated archery in any form is, going as far back as the stone age, this should help you remember whenever you are in that jungle with your bow and arrow, you are holding a timeless weapon with a rich history.


  •   “If there is any moment that needs to be savored in hunting games, it has to be that very second your finger releases the arrow or when your arrow point penetrates your target”

This quote expounds on the bliss every bow hunter feels whenever he hits his game or when he feels his arrow leave his grip.

  •   “The hunter who ventures into the wild may be lost to the world, but he may have found himself”

This quote explores how a hunter finds peace and discovers himself in the wild while hunting for games


  •   “All bow hunters automatically have a trophy, for any game acquired via the utilization of just a” string and a stick is a trophy.

This quote really drives home the amount of skill, precision and mastery bow hunting actually requires, so if you are a bow hunter you are basically a superhero in the hunting world.

  •    “A true hunter never returns with an empty hand. Relishing in the ambiance of the wilderness” gives the soul an interim satisfaction, but leaves you yearning for more.

This quote highlights the pleasure hunters enjoy while out in the field, even when they are unable to hit any game, hunting still offers incomparable serenity.

  •   “You shouldn’t despise that which you do not understand”

This quote is directed at individuals who do not like hunting and feel people shouldn’t engage in it. Just because you do not understand something does not mean you should detest it, this quote is applicable to everyone really.

  •  “He needed someone who wasn’t afraid to provide for his family, who wasn’t afraid of the cold” jungle, who was willing to face the wild, someone with a firm grip, a straight gaze, and a steady pose. That was when God created a hunter.

This quote expresses the unique abilities of a good hunter, abilities that could only be bestowed on him by God. You should be smiling by now after reading this quote.

  •   “It will serve you better to take your children hunting as opposed to just hunting for them”

This quote encourages hunters to not only bask in the pleasure of hunting alone but they should endeavor to pass it on to the next generation.

  • “Nothing calms a troubled spirit like the release of a bow”

This quote talks about the therapeutic gains of bowhunting and archery that offers your mental well-being.

  • “ I do not hunt for the pleasure of killing, rather I do it to relish the gift of living and sharing” the same atmosphere with another living creature  that I highly regard and recognize its worth even for a brief moment

This quote expresses a hunter’s perspective of the game he hunts for and how much he values and respects them even though he has to kill them, a true hunter can relate to this,

  •  “With a lot of evidence it does seem that a hunter is the best kind of man there is, with the kind” of stealth, alertness and mental awareness that comes with the sport a hunter would excel in his other activities

This quote explores the skills hunting bestows on the hunter and how these skills help him function better than others in his daily activities as everything he does is with utmost attention to detail just like when he’s in the jungle.

  •  “There is more pleasure in hunting with the shortcomings of a bow than hunting with the” certainty of a gun

This quote differentiates what it takes to hunt with a bow from hunting with a gun. While hunting with a bow you rely totally on your skill and ability, but while hunting with a gun you rely on the gun which delineates your skill development.

  •  “A large number of broken and civilized people are beginning to realize the serenity and calm” that the” mountains and wilderness offers. Now they realize that the wilderness is truly their home.

This quote explores the therapeutic benefits of nature, especially for the stressed, weak and downtrodden.

  •   The feeling, when you hold that bow, pull that arrow, eyes locked on target. At that moment you just know that game is yours. At that moment the world stops.

This quote explores the feeling of control and domination a bow hunter experiences when he has a surefire target locked, it feels as though the world belongs to him. Again this is a feeling only bowhunters can understand.

  •   “A National holiday should be declared on opening day”

This quote talks about how everyone fails to understand the importance of hunting because if they did then, open day would be a public holiday.

  • “I went to the doctor’s office  today, it turns out I wasn’t sick I just miss my bow and the woods”

This quote again talks about the therapeutic benefits of bowhunting, often times when you feel sick, all you really need is to go pick up your bow and quiver, go into the jungle and hunt, you will feel better, especially if you haven’t done that in a long while.

  •  “Every day will be a good day if you hunt every day”

This quote simply means there are no bad hunting days, when you get a game it’s good, when you don’t get a game, you still get to enjoy the unmatchable ambience of mother nature.

  •   “All men were considered as equals until some of us started hunting”

This quote explores how a man who hunts is different from the regular everyday man. Some would even say a hunter is a man’s man.

  •   “Being too busy to hunt just means that you are way too busy”

This quote tells you that no matter how busy you are, you ought to find time to hunt. In the case that you don’t have time to hunt, then you are way too busy for your own well-being.

  •  “Bow hunting for me is not just a hobby to pass time, it is a way of life”

This quote explores the importance of bow hunting, and having it interwoven into your major activities rather than seeing it as just a leisure activity.

  •   “Often times the only thing that makes sense is hunting”

This quote explores the simplicity of hunting, there’s no ambiguity, no backs and forths all you need to do is just aim, pull, release, kill and eat. It’s that basic.

  • “Good meat comes to those who hunt”

This quote once again explores the control you have over your meat as a hunter, a hunter is aware of the freshness of his meat because he killed it himself as opposed to getting it from the grocery store.

  •    “Guess what I just gained an extra 150 pounds over on my shoulder”

This is a very witty and funny quote that probably has you guessing…well if you just killed a game which weighs 150 pounds and you put it over your shoulder, that’s extra weight on you. Smart right? I know

  •  “On a few occasions I hold back to please, but at all times I release to kill”

This is another witty quote that cleverly manipulates words presenting a symbolic meaning. At first look, you would feel it talks entirely about human feeling and behavior, but upon completion, you realize it was alluding to the bow (hold back i.e. pulling) and arrow (release).

  • “News flash ladies! If your man does not have the ability to hunt, then I’m afraid you have a girlfriend”

This is a tongue in cheek quote directed to women, telling them that their boyfriend should be able to hunt to be considered a real man”

  •   “You must be a saint, telling me how cruel hunting is while you comfortably eat cows and chickens, surely they had to be eatable somehow”

This is a sarcastic quote directed at naysayers who do not approve hunting as they feel it is cruelty, meanwhile they feed daily on slaughtered animals. This quote would actually help you feel better if you feel hunting is wrong and may want to quit what you love or steer away from what you desire to start doing, which is bowhunting.

I do hope this collection of hunting quotes, and they are able to motivate, inspire and reawaken your passion for the art of bowhunting. And if you are an aspiring bow hunter then you have ample reason to proceed with this new interest of yours. Nature awaits you, enjoy.

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