Hunter Safety Course GA 2022 [Expert Opinion]

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Got all necessary hunting gear and a firm mindset to hunt in this season. Now you might be thinking yourself ready to hunt. But sorry. You got 2 steps more before starting a hunt this season.

Hunting License and a hunter safety course.

According to the state law of GA, If you are born after Jan 1, 1961, you have to go through a hunter safety course before buying a hunting license.

In the case of an “Apprentice license” or a “Short Term License”, you don’t need to take the hunter safety course.

State wildlife agency or Canadian province certified Hunter safety course is also accepted in GA.

If you are hunting on your own land, parent’s or guardian’s land, you don’t need the course.

Age Requirements

Age under 12

Hunters aged under 12 do not require the hunter safety course. Nevertheless, nobody aged under 12 may be allowed to hunt except if under direct supervision. It is against the law to allow children to hunt unsupervised.  In such cases, Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) & National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) apply some special restrictions.

Age 12-15

If not under the direct guidance of a licensed hunter they must go through the “Hunter Safety Course GA”.

Age 16-25

Need to complete the hunter safety course to buy a hunting license. They have to carry the certificate while hunting.

Age above 25

Hunters aged above 25 have to complete the “Hunter Safety Course GA”. But they don’t need to present the certificate while purchasing the hunting license. Also, they don’t have to carry the certificate while hunting.

Online Courses for Hunter Safety Course GA

At present, there are four endorsed online hunter training courses (with different charges) that Georgia inhabitants may take for a helpful option in contrast to the classroom course.

Pursue these means to finish your hunter training affirmation totally on the web:

 3-Step Certification Process

  1. Complete the hunter safety course for fully free.
  2. Pass the test
  3. Only after Passing pay $28.5 and print your Georgia Hunter Safety Certificate

Features of the “Hunter Safety Course”

  • Rated 9.5 by the real students.
  • 24/7 online customer service
  • It can be carried out on any type of device (desktop, mobile or tablet).

Why take your state-required hunter safety course here?

  • Low cost: $13-most reduced online expense for a described and intuitive experience. No pass: no cost
  • Animations closed subtitling, portrayal, and photographs (not outlines)
  • 6th-grade reading & comprehension level
  • Free e-book to help

Applicants of this course will figure out how to be safe, mindful hunters. This course gives every minute of everyday toll-free specialized help, each page is described and you possibly pay when you pass. This course has a fee of $9.95.

The Hunter Safety Course class has:

  • Virtual Field Day to best prepare you practically to hunt in the field!
  • Full Narration
  • Full Illustration
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Visual Quiz Questions
  • The one-time course fee of $29.00

Free Courses

There are free options for Georgia residents to acquire hunter safety course certification:

Classroom Course

This option provides in-person instruction of the Hunter safety course GA. Find and sign up for a class.

Additional Information

Bowhunter Education Course

Georgia inhabitant hunters who wish to improve their bowhunting safety learning or are hunting in a state that requires bowhunter training, presently have the chance to finish bowhunter training on the web. In spite of the fact that bowhunter training is not required in Georgia, it is required in a few states. Take the online bowhunter education course.

Driving License Requirement

Hunters age 16 and more seasoned must have a hunting permit to hunt, except if they are occupant hunters hunting either individually land or terrains of a close relative. Whenever conceived on or after January 1, 1962, they should likewise have finished a Hunter Education Course. On the off chance that an occupant youth does not yet have a state-issued Driver’s License, they will require a State of Georgia ID issued by the Department of Driver Services or a Georgia Instructional Permit so as to buy their hunting permit.

Good Luck with you Hunter Safety Course GA 🙂

Learn more about Hunter Safety course in Ohio here.


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