Best Hunting Safety Course New York (NY) in 2022

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What are you thinking! Are you making life more boring or boredom-some? Just see your friend who are passionate to hunting are enjoying the life. Then why are you lagging behind. Have a hunter safety course online New York and be added in hunting group; believe me life will be thrilled more than ever before.

Autumn is a golden period for hunters in upstate New York and have a variety of seasons to choose from, including deer, bears, small fauna, turkey, waterfowl, coyote and migratory birds.

In addition to obtaining a hunting permit, all hunters in New York must attend and pass the Hunters Safety Course before they can leave. Many hunters for the first time wait until the last minute to try to attend classes, and often find that none of them is available, because they are already full of skills.

If you need a hunting safety course, don’t wait. Register as soon as possible. Courses are offered between March and September.

The following information comes from the State Council’s environmental protection website and an interview with December Hunter Education Program Director Kelly Stag.

Is there a minimum age to attend the Hunters Safety Course?

Yes, a person must be over 11 years old and cannot obtain a hunting permit until he or she is 12 years old. This is because the minimum age for hunting in New York is 12 years. (See dec’s website for minimum age requirements, mentoring opportunities, and other regulations related to young hunters.)

With regard to the Hunter Safety Course NY, students under the age of 16 must have a license signed by their parents or legal guardians to handle and fire firearms in the Safety Course. But not all courses include this opportunity.

Is there only one hunter safety course?

In fact, there are three different courses, depending on which hunting (pistol or bow) is used and where to hunt waterfowl. It is important to note that these courses involve tasks that need to be completed in advance. There are no online courses available.

 General Hunter Safety Course:

Hunter Quest Big Game (Deer, Bear) and various forms of mini-games. In addition to the task can take several hours to complete, the instruction in the classroom lasts at least seven hours. A full day can be arranged, or divided into several shorter periods of time within a few days.

Beast Education Safety Course:

This course is mandatory for hunters who use bows and arrows to hunt deer or bears during the scheduled season of beasts, and is not necessary if hunting is tilted during the regular gun season or the firearms season.

Although this course is not necessary for hunting deer with crossbows, or for hunting small games or turkeys with bows, dec encourages all archers to follow this course to learn security techniques for bows and tree shelves. There is also a requirement to complete the task in advance and bring it to class for a minimum of six hours. Teaching can be organized throughout the day, or divided into several shorter periods of time within a few days.

Water Bird Hunters Education Course:

This course is required by any hunter seeking access to the National Wildlife Refuge and open state land for aquatic bird hunting. As with the other two courses, participants must complete the task before attending the course, the duration of which is approximately three hours, says dec. (Note: Most of these courses are held between March and August.)

As for hunters out of the state, New York accepts a security certificate obtained elsewhere at the time of the purchase of a state hunting license.

What about hunters who wear crossbows?

This is a little different. dec offers three options, including online products:

  1. Review of the December online crossbow qualification training and completion of the crossbow qualification certificate.
  2. Review the crossbow qualification training on December 12 and complete the “Crossbow Qualification Certificate” in the guidelines for the current Game Catch Regulation of December 12.
  3. Complete a regular Hunting Safety course and get a Hunter Education Qualification. The certificate must be effective April 1, 2014 to comply with crossbow eligibility and safety training. Note that this certificate or the certificate obtained from making the #1 or #2 option must be taken. Hunter when he’s out as proof that he or she attended the course.

 (Note: The crossbow qualification certificate for 2012-2013 is no longer valid.)

How do I sign up for one of these hunter safety courses?

In some cases, you may have to travel. You can register online for Hunter Safety, Unforgettable Safety or WaterFowl Hunter Education courses.

What if you lose or can’t find a certificate?

If you lose or cannot find it and need a replacement, call 1-888-hunt-ed2 (1-888-486-8332). In most cases, it will be mailed to you. Certificates issued before 1980 cannot be replaced. If you need a certificate, and if the course is later than 1980, you cannot find your certificate, you need to take the course again.

“We have about 3,000 volunteer teachers across the state,” he added, adding that the committee is looking for more teachers.

How much does hunter safety course cost in NY?

Learn and pass the New York State Department approved online course for environmental protection. Learn and spend $15.00 course. Hunter ed courses throughout New York, and you will try on what you learn.

General Course Details and Requirements

Course Topics Covered

  • Firearm and crossbow handling and safety techniques
  • History of firearms
  • Knowledge of firearms and ammunition
  • Proper gun handling and storage
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Hunting laws and regulations
  • Principles of wildlife management and wildlife identification
  • Outdoor safety
  • Hunter ethics
  • Hunter obligation toward wildlifes, landowners, and the general public, the environment

Age Restrictions/Requirements

Students must be at least 11 years of age to participate in this course (Note: In New York State, the minimum age for hunting is 12 years).

Students under the age of 16 must have a license signed by their parents or legal guardians to handle and shoot firearms in this course.

Course Length

Minimum of 7 hours.

Hunter Education Certificate

Students must complete the required task, attend all courses of the course, show the correct attitude and safety, and pass the final exam of 50 questions. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Hunter Educational Qualification, which is first acquired hunting license in the state of New York.

Long Island Youth Conservation Program

Two-day practical course designed to introduce children from 12 to 16 years old the basic principles of protection, education of hunters and general outdoor sports. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Hunter Education Certificate. Please check the application deadline in January.


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