Best Electric Fillet Knife – Reviews 2022

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The best electric fillet knife should meet the specifications included in this  fillet knife review before you purchase it.

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

An excellent control and maneuverability are provided by the lightweight, comfortable handle of the Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife.

Fast and easy filleting is made possible by the blade’s razor-sharpness as well as the quick and convenient blade release. In addition, Mister Twister’s maximum cutting cycles are fast and efficient!

Speed and control differed significantly. Due to the powerful and yet quiet motor, I was able to fillet smaller fish much faster than with regular fillet knives.

In the past, I’ve cleaned salmon and lakers with Mister Twister, and I’ve been pleased with the results. The Mister Twister knife cuts easily even with its toughest cuts, thanks to its well-designed trigger and easy-to-push button.

It might be better if Mr. Twister had a long straight cord instead of a coil cord. The extension cord, however, can be easily adapted.


  • Strong  gears
  • Affordable
  • lock with great safety
  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor


  • Mister Twister’s coil cord is short
  • Excessive heat
best electric fillet knife

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

The ergonomic design of this 110V Bubba Electric Fillet Knife ensures that it fits into your hands easily. Cleaning and filleting fish is made easy with Bubba non-slip grips. Featuring four blade styles modeled after Bubba’s renowned stiff and tapered fillet knives, this electric fillet knife is ideal for steaks, fish, and poultry. Four Bubba blade options are available: e-flex blades up to seven inches, e-flex blades up to nine inches, and e-stiff blades up to 12 inches. By combining two flexible blades with two stiff blades, this incredible tool is capable of filleting fish of any size at any time.

With these phenomenal cordless best electric fillet knives, Bubba has created a ventilation system to maximize motor output for efficiency and precision cutting.

A titanium nitride finish coats the insides of all Bubba blades. Steel and high carbon steel are used to make them. These blades are corrosion-resistant and allow food to be easily cut with an electric knife. Furthermore, this cordless electric knife comes with a safety lock and trigger guard for maximum security and usability. The cordless device doesn’t require a power cord because it is cordless.

A fillet knife like this is best for filleting fish, and it comes in a stylish, all-weather carrying case that features removable compartments for easy storage and cleaning.

If you have the cash, get this 110v electric fillet knife! It’s best to get cordless. Cordless phones eliminate the hassle of hunting for an extension cord or carrying around lead-acid batteries. When you bring this Li-ion cordless electric fillet knife to a camping trip with friends or a picnic with the family, you won’t have to worry about how long you can use it for cleaning and filleting fish.

This Bubbba blade has an incredible battery life. My lithium-ion battery had two bars left after cleaning 85 crappies. A fishing captain’s product is always better than most electric knives since it is designed by a fishing captain. 


  • Includes four different blade styles
  • Blades that resist corrosion
  • Trigger guard and safety lock for maximum security
  • Hands-free
  • Long battery life
  • Detachable sections and fashionable case included for storage
  • Comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries


  • Smaller hands shouldn’t have a problem
  • It is not an affordable option especially with its grip handle and battery life
best electric fillet knife

American Angler PRO Electric Sportsmen’s Kit

Its torque is twice that of most heavy-duty electric fillet knives, and its lifespan is four times that of most electric fillet knives. This means big bones won’t slow you down.

A superior drive train design and mechanism allows for comfortable filleting, creating a smooth and efficient rotation of the axel. The ergonomic fillet handset is cooled by the advanced airflow design throughout continuous filleting.

Replaces a 10 inch heavy-duty shark blade, a 5 inch curved tip blade, an 8 inch curved tip blade, a 10 inch heavy-duty shark blade, and an 8 inch heavy-duty shark blade.

Those who catch and clean a lot of fish should consider buying this knife; I appreciate its long cord, comfortable handle, and diverse blade selection.

As well as the 9-Inch Curved Replacement Blade, this Fillet Knife handset is compatible with the 9-Inch Curved Replacement Shark Blade.

The knife can be used to cut anything from the largest tuna to the smallest bream, from tough redfish bones to catfish scales.


  • Maintains a cool temperature even after extended use
  • Longer lasting drivetrain thanks to superior design
  • Consistent and smooth filleting with torque
  • Ideal for anglers who are experienced and frequent
  • Multi-tool capability allows for versatile use
  • Long chords


  • Costly
best electric fillet knife

Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife by Rapala

With its flexible blade, the Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Knife can glide easily through the ribs and backbones of medium-sized fish. Additionally, the blade makes it easy to peel fillets off fish skin.

In order to avoid cutting through the spine if you have a heavy hand, you must be delicate.

Because the blades measure 7.5 inches, the maker claims that this best electric knife is twice as fast and three times as powerful as its competitors.

The Rapala motor runs cool and quiet because of its custom airflow design. Furthermore, the knife has an impressive 8-foot power cord and a comfortable handle for fatigue-free filleting.

Walleye, salmon, trout, etc., are no match for the speed and power of this 7.5′′ blade.

A belt loop secures this knife’s sheath to the belt. Moreover, you can always keep your edges razor sharp on the go with the one-stage sharpener.


  • Safe to put in the dishwasher
  • Ease of grip
  • Power cable extends a long distance
  • Accident-prevention safety button
  • Two times the power of traditional electric knives


  • Initial stiffness
  • Cords are hard to maneuver
best electric fillet knife

Electric Fillet Knife Titanium American Angler Pro

This Pro Titanium Coated Angler Electric Fillet Knife is a titanium-coated knife that provides stainless steel durability that cannot be matched by a blade that is underpowered and will not last long. Replacement blades are also available.

This fan minimizes heat buildup thanks to the professional series interior 40mm fan and Fanjet air system. Pro Titanium, which is titanium coated, provides quadruple the service life and double the torque of competing brands.

A stainless steel blade with a TiCN titanium-carbon-nitride coating is driven by a transmission system made of naval brass and SASA polymers. You can achieve maximum cutting power and speed using the pro series motor and superior drive train components.

During heavy usage, I found SantopreneTM ergonomic grip-pad handle to be cool to the touch. The heavy-duty Pro Titanium is durable, powerful, and comfortable to use due to its fiber-reinforced nylon construction.

Its price is my only complaint about this titanium coated electric knife. Consider investing in the American Pro Sportsmen’s Kit for an additional $20 if you want to expand your arsenal.

There is, however, a heavy-duty 8″ power cord with 120V plug on the Pro Titanium.


  • The Fanjet Air System reduces heat buildup
  • plus soft grip pad made from Santoprene
  • Handy hanging loop
  • Extremely precise and durable
  • steel coated with titanium
  • storage case with advanced airflow design


  • Expensive
  • Not as versatile as the American Pro Sportsmen’s Kit
best electric fillet knife

What is the Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

The following are three basic functions you should look for in an electric knife;

Skin will be easily removed from your knife and meat will be sliced evenly

Made from sturdy material like stainless steel, your knife’s blade will not bend or break

A knife with adjustable blade lengths will be useful when cleaning fish of different sizes and species

Guide for Buyers

Let’s get specific, here’s a section-by-section buyers guide to help you decide.

Combining and matching the qualities will help you find the knife that will best suit your needs.

Materials used in blades

Because it is noncorrosive and won’t rust when exposed to water, stainless steel is the most popular and conventional material choice.

Stainless steel is durable, so it will not dull or weaken over extended periods of use on crappie and catfish.

You should buy a knife made from stainless steel. Do your research before purchasing an electric fish fillet knife without a stainless steel blade for your safety.

Dimensions of the blade

Depending on the size and type of fish you are cleaning, the blade length will differ. You need long blades for big fish, and short blades for small fish.

Blades typically range in length between 5′′ and 10′′, with a plethora of species-specific variations available.

Are you still unsure?

If you need additional blade sizes, then you should consider the American Angler PRO Sportsmen’s Kit or the Bubba Li-ION Cordless Electric Fillet Knife.

The ability to vary the speed

Because you won’t always need full speed, having the ability to increase or decrease momentum improves safety and allows for more precision.


Although corded fillet knives are fantastic for use indoors, cordless fillet knives are great for use outdoors.

How concerned are you about battery life? It wasn’t a problem, as the cordless model I reviewed had a great lifespan and had two bars left after a long cleaning session.

Electric Fish Fillet Knives – Why Use One?

While you grip the handle, the blade does all the work, unlike manual fillet knives.

An electric motor triggers the blades of the electric fillet knife.

Electric knives are usually sold as a set with blades of different sizes. As a result, the blades last longer, and there are more sizes for different types of fish.

It will take less time and effort to work with a large number of fish.

Their cuts are clean and leave no jagged edges. They slice through effortlessly because of their sharp edges.

Blades are made from stainless steel.

Using an electric knife to fillet a fish

There are certain characteristics of fish that make them unsuitable for electric filleting.

Oily and soft fish won’t fillet, and the meat will stick to the bones

A tool that removes the pin bones from fish that have many small pin bones will benefit them

With straight, electric blades, it is often difficult to fillet fish with big heads because the body bends through the middle

Cartilaginous fish will result in the blade cutting through their spines rather than skating across them

Can your fish be electrically filleted? If yes, you should get started.

Incision is made behind the pelvic fins, starting at the base of the head. To maximize the amount of meat you produce, angle your blade so that it cuts towards the front of the fish

When the blades reach the spine, turn 90 degrees towards the tail with the blades engaged

By angling the knife edge down, the blade will skate across the spine as you slice towards the tail. If you hold the handle higher or lower than the incision you will lose meat. In order to make an incision, keep the knife parallel to the cutting board and the handle parallel to the incision.

The skin is cut through at the end

Repeat with the other side of the fish

By holding the end with your finger, you can remove the skin. Cut all the way to the other end of the fish while holding the knife flat on the cutting board

To remove the ribs from the fillet, follow the contour of the ribs

Repeat on the other side

Repeat the process on the opposite side

Check the fish for bones by feeling it. A sharp knife should be used to clean up any small spine chips stuck to the center of the fillet.

After rinsing with cold water, pat them dry and store them properly.

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