10 Best States For Bow Hunting in USA 2022

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Best states for hunting
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Being informed about some hunting rules is one of the things you should prioritize if you have the desire for hunting. Not all states in the united states of America permit hunting, and doing so means you are violating the state rule, which might attract a penalty. So, to avoid all possible embarrassment, this post gives a lasting solution on the best bow hunting places in USA, you should know.

Without wasting much of your time, let us check out some areas you should try best hunting states in USA below.

Places to hunt some certain animals

If you are a deer hunter and you do not know the exact place to hunt, you might end up wasting time and resources. So, this should help you know some places where you can find the right animal you love to hunt.

  • Texas – best for mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, gray or cat squirrel, red or fox squirrel, collared peccary or javelina, and alligators hunting
  • Kentucky – best state for hunting elk and deer
  • Missouri – best state for deer hunting
  • Arkansas – best for deer, waterfowl, and Quail hunting
  • Nebraska – best for white tail deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep and elk hunting
  • North Dakota – best for deer hunting
  • Arkansas – best for deer hunting
  • Iowa – best for deer hunting
  • Colorado – best for deer and elk hunting
  • Ohio – best for deer hunting
  • Wisconsin – best for deer hunting
  • Idaho – best for elk hunting,
  • Washington – best for elk, black bears, mountain lions, goats, sheep, moose, and turkeys hunting
  • Arizona – best for elk hunting
  • Minnesota – best for deer hunting
  • Oregon – best for elk, bear and deer hunting
  • Mississippi – best for deer, feral hogs, rabbits, squirrels, mourning doves and bobwhite quail hunting

Arkansas – Best deer hunting states

If you are interested in bow hunting, then Arkansas should be one of the places you should have on your hunting places to visit. It is blessed with over 47,000 acres of bow only whitetail hunting. As it is widely known for bow hunting, fire hunt also takes place there.

The fire hunt takes place twice in the early month of November, which means if you are not a firearm hunter, you should stay away during that period. Due to the massive outcome of hunting in this area, you must have one of the 40 tags available for this area every year if you want to bow hunt there.

When hunting in this place, you have to give your attention to the prairie habitat where whitetails move all through paths in grass that grows within 3 to 6 feet high. Due to the green in this area, you can easily create natural blinds from the grass or make use of tree perches in the wooded ravines.

Kentucky – best states for whitetail deer hunting

Also known as the bluegrass state, bow hunters are open to the opportunity to hunt on 11 WMAs that boasts of over 143,000 acres. With this large area for bow hunters to hunt, there is diversity in terrain and habitat where you can easily hunt without any hassles.

Most of the area for bow hunting in this place is open or public lands, which is why it keeps high traffic records from hunters that visit the place for hunting. Hunting with firearms is prohibited in this place, so you can say it is the home of bow hunting.

However, there are two-day quota or youth gun hunts in this place every year, and that only takes place on the area with over 7998 acres located in the proximity of the Grayson lake. Due to the large areas for hunting, hunters need to hike into more remote areas before getting to the hunting geometry.

However, since the place is partly surrounded by a lake, a smart hunter will make use of a boat for a short ride and get closer to places that would only require a hike, not more than 5 miles to your hunting site. Hunting is allowed at night here, but you must ensure you go out with your compass to navigate the lake and route in the dark.


Another hunting place in the USA is Missouri. It is also a place where bow hunting is allowed as it boasts of over 100,000 acres of whitetail hunting on more than 140 tracks. There are larger tracks and smaller ones in this place for you to try bow hunting.

The larger tracts consist of the 12,960 acre that has four rivers conservation center, the 7,532 acre that has the Schell Osage conservation center, and that of the 7,188 acres with Drury Mincy conservation center.

There is another reform conservation center here with 6,300 acres that produces trophy whitetails and has been open to hunters for bow hunting for only three decades. The hunting traffic for hunting from hunters here is minimal compared to other conservation centers.

If you will be hunting in this place, the best strategy is to utilize a tree stand. You should strategically hang the tree stand on trees along the routes whitetails travel whenever they are leaving their hideout to sort for food for the day.


Colorado is one of the best places to hunt as it hosts amazing hunting sites such as Arapaho national wildlife refuge which has over 23,467 acres of land for hunting waterfowl and elk. There are some other centers such as basalt state wildlife area with 4,806 acres for hunting, Rio grande national forest with over 1.8 million acres in south central Colorado to mention a few.


If you reside in Georgia state, and you love to bow hunt, you have one of the best places to be for a perfect hunting experience. Georgia offers bowhunter over 22 bows, only WMAs on a total of 30,000 acres. The largest of the hunting places in this state is situated at the cartecay section of the rich mountain in northwest Georgia.

The easiest means to navigate to the rich mountain is through the Cartecay river using a canoe since the area is off-limits to ATVs. So, you might want to go along with a fishing rod since the river has a good population of trout.


Maryland has 11 WMAs with over 18,000 acres for bow hunting only. If you are the kind that loves to hunt deer, it is just the right place to be for you. The hunting place is opened for all without restriction as long as you do not go hunting there with firearms.

There you have the 9200 acres liberty watershed and 7389-acre pretty boy watershed. The liberty and Pretty boy reservoir is surrounded by wooded tracts, and you need a free permit to hunt them.

Northern Maryland is where the Pretty boy is situated. It is rugged and steep while the liberty is located towards the south and west of Baltimore, and it is known as a sloping terrain.

There are some other places where you can show your bow hunting talent and skills such as the Loch Raven watershed, gunpowder falls state park, Bridgetown ponds NRMS, pocks state park, and rocky gap state park to mention a few.


Tennessee is one of the best places for you to bow hunt. There are different zones there, but three of it in the 37,000-acre Oak Ridge WMA is widely known for bow hunting only. It is known to be one of the places where people keep a record of the massive yield of whitetails with big racks.

The place is popularly known as there is an inspiring bow hunting opportunity with the annual quota hunt on about 6,000-acre presidents island around the proximity of the Mississippi River in the downtown of Memphis.

IF you want to get involved in the annual quota hunt in this place, you need to apply for one of the 80 coveted annual permits, and the hunting takes place for just three days. It might take close to 6 to 8 years for you to draw a permit to hunt during the annual quota hunt as many people do apply yearly. Persistence is the key to getting a draw.

Apart from the president’s island, there is some other Tennessee bow hunting only areas, which include 1,107-acre fourth fractional township and that of the 5,400-acre north Chickamauga creek.


Texas is known as one of the popular places for bow hunting. It boasts of thirteen public hunting units that contain over 92,000 acres of bow hunting lands only. The state also has 25,000-acre newton county 122-unit public hunting land in east Texas.

The hunting lands there are populated by whitetails. Also, it has a 25,000-acre white oak area in northeast Texas, which is a good area for hunting too. The area is surrounded by the sulfer river, so you get to see lots of bottomland and oak hardwoods there.

WISCONSIN – Best turkey hunting states

Wisconsin is also one of the places for bow hunting. Although it is not as big as some others which we have mentioned in this post. The only public area in Wisconsin for bow hunting is the Buckhorn state park near Necedah. It is easy to locate as it is closer to the peninsula in the castle rock flowage of the Wisconsin River.

The land has over 2,120 acres of 4500 acres for parks. Hunting is not on the rise in this place as with others, but it is one of the places you ever want to try bow hunting. There is a restriction on the use of firearms, so you should never bring such when coming to this area to hunt.


West Virginia is also among the places where you can bow hunt. It is popularly known as the place that yields lots of trophy whitetails. So, if you are the kind of hunter that hunts whitetails, then you have the right place to be.

The only significant setback is that the place does not allow the use of firearms. SO, if you will ever choose this place as your next stop for hunting, then you must be ready to do away with your firearms and pay close attention to using your bows.


Choosing the right hunting place is essential to your performance as a hunter. However, you might be faced with the daunting task of choosing the right hunting place for you. This page on the best hunting states in USA is a solution to help you know the places in the USA where you can easily hunt with your bow without hassles.

Take note that not all places in the USA allow the use of bow only, and if you are not a fan of firearms but use a bow for hunting, we’ve got you covered in this post.Best States For Hunting.

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