Importance of Scent Control When Bow Hunting

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If you’re a novice hunter who’s embarking on your journey into the wilds of unknown jungles then you must know that masking your scent is one of the most important forms of camouflage you need to have. And if you’re thinking about the reason then here’s a handy list of reasons for scent-control:


Enhanced sensation

An average human has just 5 million olfactory cells and animals are known to have them in hundreds of millions. So, we can say that all the animals are naturally blessed to sniff and find an alien scent from a distance. Some animals can even smell an intruder from miles apart. Therefore, scent control becomes absolutely essential whilst a hunting expedition.

Warning to the potential prey

Animals can sniff unknown scents with accuracy. Once they realize that an intruder is among them, they become highly alert. More violent animals like beasts become ready to assault or prepare themselves for combat. After tracing the scent of the hunter the animals can easily hunch about their place and design a survival strategy. The strategies can be lethal combats or abrupt assaults.

Seeking refuge:

The animals which are not violent or potential man-eaters save themselves by simply hiding away in the most untraceable places. They either mix with the background or simply run away as fast as they can to a safe refuge.

Moving in packs

Sometimes the potential preys after sniffing strange scents go and join their packs. And it becomes very difficult to aim at a single member when the animals are moving in packs. Sometimes an animal becomes very difficult to hunt when it is moving with their packs as shooting may alert the entire pack.

Once alerted the pack may run recklessly in panic causing damage to the surrounding and can even trample the hunters.

Panic and chaos

If a pack is alerted by unknown scents and it realizes the presence of undesirable intruders then they can create chaos while running around recklessly. This state of chaos and panic warns other animals too. Once warned the other animals too join the race of seeking refuge or calling other pack members.

This can put the hunters in unimaginable danger or a state of perplexity.

Imitation by other animals

If one pack of animals is panicked then other animals too start to imitate their behavior. This leaves the hunter of only two options either shoot at any animal or wait till the chaos settles down. Usually, the hunter loses the best prey during such chaos.

How can you mask your scent

The best way to avoid such situations is to mask your natural scent. Here are a few ways which can help you to mask your natural scent:-

Use of odorless detergent

Wash your clothes especially the ones that you’re going to wear on the safari with odorless detergent. This will make your clothes almost scentless.

Odor masking sprays

There are plenty of sprays available in the markets which help the hunters to mask their natural scents while they’re on a hunting expedition. These sprays are easily available and can be carried easily with the luggage.

You can also apply them more than once if the effect doesn’t last long.

Beware of the wind

The wind is the best messenger of the body scents. Checking and saving yourself from the direction of the wind is mandatory for a smooth hunting adventure.

Buying scentless attire

If there are no budget constraints then you can also opt for odorless specially manufactured hunting attire. These attires have no odor and help a lot to mask your natural body scent.

Check your diet

Highly seasoned or overly spicy foods make us smell stronger than usual. So it prudent to avoid such diet on the night before the hunting. Such a diet must not be included in breakfast too.

Weather conditions

Check the weather especially humidity as it can make you perspire more than usual and of course checking the direction of the wind is paramount.

Advanced planning


Plan your hunting expedition well ahead of the season. This will help you to decide the hunting ground and the kind of prey you want to hunt down.

Reiki the hunting ground

Do reiki of the hunting ground before the beginning of the hunting season. This will help you to choose the probable situation of your tree stand. A Reiki also helps to prepare a mind map of the hunting ground which can be useful later.

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